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First deadline: 13 days away!

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I won't get my transcript before Thursday, possibly even Saturday. I really can't believe them! It's been over a month; how long does it take to print out a table and get it signed and stamped?

Regarding the writing sample, I am little frustrated by MS Word's inability to actually format a bibliography MLA style. I have to do the hanging indents manually, and the web document entries lack some information

Another issue is the literature review: my writing sample is on a topic that's gone mostly unexplored until now, except for a paper and a book, both by the same person. I got a hold of the paper (thanks, free JSTOR access at uni!) and read it, and am citing it in my paper; the book, however, is unavailable in Egypt. The only solid English-language library in Cairo is at the American University in Cairo, and I can't access it because I'm an undergrad at Cairo University. Even better, I can't order it online, because it'll get lost or stolen, or I'll pay three times its price at Customs. Basically, I have to do the literature review without that book.

God, I wish I'd finished that paper earlier. I wasted my summer in an HR internship that I hated; I could have stayed home and done some research.

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I don't know if this will work, but can you look at the book through Google Books? Best case scenario, you'd only be able to see a snippet view, but it's better than nothing. The other alternative is to read reviews of this book (if there are any).

Good luck! It's almost over ;)

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Thanks, Chumlee, but I've tried those two things already. No snippet and no reviews (probably because it's a field that gets virtually no academic interest). I'll just add a footnote mentioning the book and the fact I didn't have access to it. Apparently, it's alright because I'm a student.

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