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Validate me...?...!...?...!

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So, alongside many of my Compatriots in Hell (AKA, fellow applicants to English programs this go-round) I just called in and forked over $12.00 to ETS to hear an automated woman's voice tell me my Subject Test score. Turns out, it's neither good, bad, nor ugly:

640/ 82nd percentile.

Well, hell. I mean, what does that really tell adcomms? I don't completely suck; it validates the rest of my application by underscoring that I am actually a solid candidate. But it's not a great score, either, it doesn't scream : "You do! You want this person! Snap her up immediately with a fellowship or regret it forever!" No, I got - a respectable score. An above-average score.

I don't know how to react, to be honest. If we were a week post-exam, when I was still totally freaked out by that horrible thing and my memory of taking it and my utter fear I was sinking into sub-600 territory and there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it, I would totally break open a bottle of triple-brewed in oak barrels IPA and celebrate, 9 a.m. or no 9 a.m. But now it's been a full month, and I can't help but wonder: could I have hit that magical 650? Ten more points...could I have done that?

Probably. But I'm not taking the test again to find out, that's for damned sure. So...640. Better than 82% of the people who are currently considering applying to graduate programs in English. I mean...that's not terrible, right? That's pretty damned good, actually, considering - right?

I honestly don't even know. All I know is, that score is being reported as we speak, and if that final letter of recommendation just makes it in early next week, all I have left now is to wait and see, just like everyone else. Maybe that IPA isn't amiss right now, after all.

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I paid 24 dollars to find out I got a 560 after studying for three months, despite scores in the 600s for my two last practice exams. I think your score is absolutely wonderful and am so very depressed that I did not make my goal of 600. I almost cried and my entire day off was wasted because I felt so terrible about myself. It looks (so far) as if I am the only one on the boards who did as poorly as she thought. I agree with dietc0ke that no good test score will really help you get in beyond a certain point; this has been repeated ad nauseum by everyone on these boards and elsewhere, and I'm inclined to believe that. I don't think ten points would make a difference in how adcoms perceive your file. I'm just thankful (hopeful?) that I have the CV and GPA to balance out this mediocre score.

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I know very little about English Lit programs, but I know that for Chem programs everyone said the Big Cutoff was 70th percentile. I scored 67%. Sheesh. :rolleyes: I still got in some decent places though.

I wouldn't worry too much about an 82% score.

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