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Oh my god, Edinburgh!

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So they sent me my username to check my application on their EUCLID system, but no password. Several emails later, I have one. I log in to MyEd, click on the Launch EUCLID icon, and get an error message. I log out, log back in, no dice. Apparently, I have no access to EUCLID; my username (which they sent this morning) doesn't exist. I email them for support, no response. Re-email them, nothing. It's past 6 PM GMT now; they're closed, and will be until January 5. :(

It's not that big a deal, since I submitted my app online, and still have to mail the LoRs in... but why send me a username, then deny me access? I'd really like to be sure I didn't miss anything on the online app, you know.

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:( Any luck since you posted this? At least you got the application in! Worst case scenario, after January 5th, contact them again and they'll surely understand that your circumstances are unique and will then somehow grant you access. Like you said, it's not that big a deal! Ne t'inquiètes pas (trop) !

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J'essaie de ne pas y penser, mais c'est un peu méchant de leur part: voilà, tu peux savoir ce qui est arrivé à ton dossier de candidature... AH NON, JE RIGOLE, HAHAHA! :(

Je vais les recontacter quand mes lettres seront envoyées.

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