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Fair's Fair....



So, today I hit the roof and emailed Corporate my blog post.

Less than 30 minutes later, I got the response email: "Where are you?"

About an hour after that, I got a call from the local president who wants to schedule a meeting at my earliest convenience.

My husband emails me to demand what I said to corporate because now the local guy is all pissed off with him and yelling at him and we're probably not going to get our deal.

I emailed him back: WHAT deal? Corporate had a big problem with what was going on. Clearly, I was right and this is ending badly.

I got home to find the heat ON (surprise). I will never know if that is because of my email or if it was just the way things fell into place. Frankly, I don't CARE anymore. BUT, the motor is sputtering loudly enough you can hear it outside. Is that normal? No, it isn't. Our motor is water logged from the first bursting. But...you know, after we ridiculed them and all, they didn't feel comfortable working with it.

Ummmm...I wasn't ridiculing you, that's called criticism, and you TOTALLY deserved it!

BUT - long and short of it is, they DID get it up and running, albeit four days after the promised day and two hundred over the high end of the original quote. And we'll meet this fellow face to face and talk it out. And then - we will have learned a MAJOR lesson.


I am grateful to the company for the fact that for the first time in 17 days, I can't see my breath in the house.


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hehehe...I'm thinking it's not entirely over. Apparently, we are going to sit down face-to-face with the president of the local company. He wants to discuss the fact that he doesn't feel comfortable working further with me after all those mean things I said about his company (because apparently, my complaints were a personal attack rather than an evaluation of our actual experience with him). I just don't seem to understand how above and beyond they went with this job (probably because if there was any above-and-beyonding, they sure as hell didn't inform us of it!) In fact, he's so self-righteously indignant that I found the fact that it took them 17 days, with four days tacked on to the end, and four men, and three extra days of trying to get a single part delivered from a location an hour away from here to install the thing to be ludicrous beyond comprehension, and reportable to Corporate, that he doesn't rightly feel he can honor the quote he settled on with my husband...but, you know, he's such a fine, upstanding fellow and a native of this-here fine county, so he's going to try to see past my breach of etiquette. He refuses to sit down just with ME, because he and my husband had this all worked out, and then I went and, er... well, I can only assume this is because 'I bruised his ego by goin' tah Corporate, so I's an uppity woman what doan' know mah place', and he wants us all to sit down together so my husband and I are on the same page with him before anything else occurs. I'm not sure what he expects. I'm pretty sure my husband is not goin' tah ground me and refuse tah allow me tah'ttend mah Juniah League meetin'. Seriously - I feel like I'm in a freaking time warp after speaking with this man. I need my parasol and hoop skirt! :rolleyes:

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Well, I met 'em with my apron on (literally, I was prepping dinner when they got here) and things are now worked out to our satisfaction. All is FINALLY well, and the Month From Hell is, so far as we can see, over. Finally. Geeeeeez, I need a vacation! lol

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I'm also glad you're ~all on the same page~ and he feels ~comfortable~ working with you again (should i add sparkles? I think it needs sparkles)! Just... wow. Anyway, hurray for heat!

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