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On a Roll!



Well, it might be a bit late for my applications - alas! - but I seem to have hit a stride in terms of my research and writing for publication, and I am so excited!!!

My abstract on Chaucer's birds was accepted for a proposed edited collection of essays being fielded by Boydell and Brewer, which is the preeminent publishing company for medieval studies. The other contributors include really significant scholars, like Karl Tobias Steel and Lorraine Stock - and this is therefore a HUGE deal for me. (Better get cracking on that-there research!! :blink:)

BUT, even MORE exciting (to me, as an Arthurian scholar) - the article I wrote on alchemical imagery, and which I used as my writing sample, just passed the first round of reviews for Arthuriana, the International Journal of Arthurian Studies.

I was not going to send the information on the Chaucer publication to the grad programs I applied to - but I think, given the fact that this is my writing sample for two of the three programs to which I applied, I might just HAVE to send the fact that that article is under consideration for publication in. I mean- that's kind a big, right?

I'm so excited about this. I just had to share. I had to tell someone who might care as much as I do about things like this!!


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Send info about both! Also, this is a huge indication that your writing sample is more than good enough to get you into a grad program! :) Congrats!

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I have called in reinforcements (AKA, professors I know) to weigh in on whether or not to send this information to the adcomms, and am waiting for their opinion before I do or don't...in the meanwhile, now I'm kicking myself I decided not to send this to one of my programs, and celebrating that anyone thinks my ideas are potentially original enough to be published in such a name-brand journal. :D

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I think you should email the DGS secretaries with this CV update. I was told to do this by professors as well for any significant updates to your CV. Congrats!

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