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And, the sh*tstorm continues...

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Good thing DH and I have ordered a brewing kit to make some Northern English brown ale, because we are going to need it for the big-ass Pity Party we are going to throw, hopefully in mid-March. The past week has NOT been good Chez Us, and I guess this is the Universe's way of keeping me so busy I can't obsess too much over grad school admissions? My car now has a completely unnecessarily-installed new alternator and a necessary new belt, (because the old one burst two days after they "fixed" the issue by installing a new alternator). I am now walking about with pneumonia, and my youngest DD is walking around with a cast on her arm; I spent all day last Monday at the auto repair place, all day Tuesday at work scrounging for a ride home because the car had to go BACK to the garage, all day Thursday waiting for it to be 3:15 p.m. so I could go to the doctor, all day Friday in bed because he told me I could either go to bed, or to the hospital, and all day Saturday in the ER and waiting for DD #2's elbow operation to be over - she fell off the bunk bed and broke it in two places (having been expressly forbidden from climbing to her sister's top bunk in the first place). I was drugged-up on Tylenol with codeine when it happened, and DH is not a morning person. Three weeks in a cast for a three year old.... Oy, vey.

This week, I have run-throughs for the play I'm in pretty much every evening after work, and I'm already beginning the week behind in grading because I didn't get a lot done over the weekend (and I'm pretty sure the students would prefer I NOT grade their papers while on a narcotic). I am also working on a few research projects that somehow keep getting pushed to the back burner. I feel like I'm losing my mind, and just cannot WAIT for January to be over. I am HATING this month, and frankly, 2011 overall isn't on the top of my favorites list so far, either.

I am realizing now, what a charmed life I have led up until now.

And the worst part about it all, is that I am STILL obsessing over whether or not I am going to get a bid this year. :wacko: I think there should be a rule that if an applicant can demonstrate that s/he has been through a series of particularly traumatic events over the past fifty days, then s/he should get an admit based solely on the fact that if s/he isn't insane after all of that, then s/he will definitely be able to survive grad school stress. :P THEN I'd be sure to get in. As it stands - waiting is even harder, because so much crap has gone down that if some good news doesn't come my way soon, I think I'll have to curl into the fetal position, suck my thumb, and beg for Mother!! :o

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Think of it this way-- it's like yin and yang. You can't have a lot of the crappy side without a lot of the wonderful stuff to balance it out. The way I see, with everything you've had to deal with recently, you should be getting a big, fat pile of funded acceptances sometime soon!

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