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I'd sing David Bowie, but I just don't even know....!

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As the rejections start piling up amidst the earlier acceptances in the Humanities programs on the results board, I am tempted to sing "bum..bum...bump...Another one bites the dust!" in terms of my own applications, but I don't even have that satisfaction. I have still heard nothing at all, and apparently am unlikely to hear anything at all for a while, yet. The U.S. Southlands just don't seem all that pressed to get in there and make decisions. On my more insane, conspiracy-theory days, I imagine they are waiting for the West Coast and Mid State regions to finish up and fax them their lists of accepted students; then they'll pull those applications so they don't have to waste time on apps that they will definitely not see enrolling in their programs, and the rest of us will find out 'round about June or so. I know that's crazy, but it makes sense in a crazy sort of way....!

And, this is what we are reduced to.......making up crazy theories in our heads to explain away the sense of deep foreboding we feel. Tsk, tsk. My former advisor's response to the silence was, "Hey, that's good news! Acceptances take longer than rejections." I didn't have the heart to tell her no one has heard anything from any of my programs, I'm pretty sure that silence isn't golden in this case, just a procrastinating of the inevitable. Don't get me wrong - I am still hopeful, I am! I'm just also....well, NOT hopeful. I think that only makes sense to people who have BTDT when it comes to second-time around applications.

I am delighted for a Gradcafe and Facebook friend of mine whose SOP and writing sample I helped polish, polish, polish - she just got one of those coveted Wisconsin spots. YAY!!!! ( Is it weird to be so delighted and thrilled for her and at the same time so down for myself?) Still - I'm so glad for her!!!

On the plus side, at least we have had a week and a half with nothing horrible going down chez Casa Chaos....just sayin', I am definitely counting my blessings anywhere I can get them! Since we have rehearsals every night through Thursday, and opening night Friday, DH and I celebrated Valentine's Day this past Saturday. Sunday was tech rehearsal. You would think, between working during the day, parenting in the afternoons, rehearsing at night, and grading papers and answering emails in the mornings, plus research and writing on weekend hours at present, I would not have any time, at all, to obsess over any of this "silly grad school stuff". Really, I shouldn't have the time or energy to obsess over grad school stuff. So, why am I still obsessing over grad school stuff?!

Le big sigh. Hey, my youngest DD gets her cast off Thursday, that should be fun...! And I'm preparing to buy my ticket for Kalamazoo, and I'm getting great positive kudos for the work I'm doing with the Female Biography Project, and I have finally started WRITING for my 'Zoo presentation. Things are looking up!

Where is my acceptance, already?! :rolleyes:

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It is normal to obsess about grad school. That's the norm in GC :D. I cannot tell you not to worry; because I worry about my apps as well. Occasional venting in GC is needed sometimes.

I wish us good luck!

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I completely sympathize with you! I haven't heard anything from any of my programs either and it's making me imagine all these wild and completely unlikely scenarios.

Good luck making it through the damn waiting!

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I just want to do the work. I wish it were as easy as saying, "Hey, I'm able to do the work, I'm wanting to do the work, I'm waiting to do the work" and getting an admit. In a perfect world...! But, alas, this is far from a perfect world, and even super, highly-competitive applicants get shut out every year. Just have to maintain hope and keep working away at my research!

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I thought "Another one bites the dust" was Queen?

Yes, it's good that you haven't been rejected yet. Your application clearly doesn't suck too badly. But that doesn't make the waiting any easier. My sympathies.

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It is Queen. "Under Pressure" is Queen and Bowie. I completely understand though. I've been accepted to one school, and just weathered 3 rejections (now i'm definitely off the west coast). The rest, I assume, are waitlists?? I don't know how this works, but your explanation about schools in the east waiting to hear what happens with schools in the west seems to be a pretty good one.

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hehehe...Well, both songs work, in this situation, anyhow! :P Shows what happens when you compose prior to drinking your daily pot o' Joe...!!

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