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(OK, I stole my title from Inafuturelife. :P But, it's TRUE!)

I received a letter from the Director of Graduate Studies at UNC-Greensboro on Saturday. In a small envelope that DH handed to me with a chagrined look. It certainly LOOKED like it was going to contain a form rejection letter...!

Split second response: "Well, SHIT. And I thought it was such a great fit for me."

Opened the envelope - and let me tell you, the suspense was amazing. It started out like the form rejection letter: "Your application to the Graduate School has been reviewed with careful attention given to the credentials you submitted."

I mean - heLLOOOO! Does that not sound like what they write just before they hit you with, "Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you admission to our program at this time"?

But....it WASN'T!! Instead, the next sentence said:

"I am pleased to inform you that you have been granted admission to the Doctor of Philosophy degree program in English."

That's as far as I got, I'm afraid...!:D (I did read the rest later once I had gotten my mind wrapped around the whole thing! Just information about registering, and so forth.)

No mention of funding, but since the letter came straight from the graduate school and not the department I guess I'll hear about that later on.

I am utterly elated, and so glad to be able to say that YES, you CAN overcome deficiencies in your application and come back form a rejection season to achieve admissions success!!

On Cloud 9.

I will post the promised discussion of SOP soon. :)

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