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If it looks too good to be true...sign immediately!



So...I got news on my funding package. And SUCH news on funding. I am just sitting on Cloud 9 here. After an application year in which I couldn't get a parking ticket validated, to be so generously treated is just....it's amazing. I've gone from Zero to Hero in a year, apparently. Oh, the programs that rejected me last year have again rejected me this year - or at least I think they have, one is still out but I'm not holding my breath. Besides which, I doubt very much anything they would offer me would compare to the offer I have been presented with. Which is (drum-roll, please.....):

NOT a TA ship (1:1 load the first year, 1:2 load the next three years) with my choice of time slots to teach in.

NOT a full, out-of-state tuition waiver good for four years.

NOT a teaching stipend of $14,000, going to $18,500 after the first two years.

NOT health insurance coverage.

and NOT a university-wide excellence fellowship nomination.


ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blink::o:D:lol:

I kid you not. Pinch me, because I am absolutely dreaming over here. It looks too good to be true - but I double- and triple - checked on the whole thing, and this is no mistake or exaggeration - it's my fully - funded plus some package. Because finally, I found a department that wants me as badly as I want to be there. So, this is what it's really like! Wow. Just...wow.

It took me about a minute to sign that Letter of Intent. I'm officially a doctoral student!

As promised, I WILL post my statement of purpose drafts and final edition, with commentary, when I get the chance. And I am happy to answer any questions I can about this process...after two years, I think I do have something to offer by way of insight into what it takes (and how much of this is really just Right Time, Right Place). :)


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I am so happy for you medieval!!! Dont you think all of those hard work that we did in putting together our applications are worth it now? I also received very good news today (university-wide excellence fellowship!). OMG... OMG... OMG.. We did it!!!

It's time to kick some academic butts during our PhDs...! B)

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Congratulations!! I'm so happy that things have worked out for you so well this time around.

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WOW! I can only hope to have a margin of the success you've had this year, next year (I'm looking at probable total rejection this year). Please post everything you did to improve your application! lol. But seriously, CONGRATULATIONS!

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Congratulations a thousand times over!

I've been scanning the archives and I've read so much of what you've written about your journey. I cannot be happier for someone I've never met or even spoken with - you absolutely have EARNED this, and I wish you all the best in this next phase.

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First, CONGRATS! you deserve it with the amount of work that you have put it, despite all the life that occured during the process. And second, we want more details! I know I have been following you with your blog, and I want to know more! But I am glad that it has all worked out. Was this one of your top picks? I hope so!

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Thank you all for your support and encouragement! Kitkat - My TOP choice of schools is entirely beyond my reach because of logistics (family, jobs, mortgage, debt, etc. etc. etc.) but this was absolutely my first choice from among the schools available to me, and I am just delighted to have been accepted, much less fully funded and feted. I've had a number of the professors reach out to me personally already expressly to tell me how impressed they were with my application and begging me to ask them questions about the program. Given what I was told about my chances of being accepted anywhere at all last year, I have on more than one occasion shed a quiet happy tear reading such kindnesses. Overall, I'm currently dealing with my husband's ambivalence over it (he is vacillating between "Yes, I'm delighted for you, we'll make it work" and "I honestly don't know how we are going to make this work; I'll do everything I can but I think a lot of this is going to be up to you". But aside from that, it hasn't fully sunk in yet. :o)

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