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A Lucky, Lucky Girl Indeed...



So, given that I have the Big C and don't have a timeline or prognosis, and that it is so close to April 15, I decided that it would be unethical for me not to call the director of English Graduate Studies, tell her what is going on and that I can't say for sure what I will and will not be able to do, and give her the chance to offer my slot to someone who isn't dealing with the Unknown. It was definitely NOT an easy phone call to make, and NOT a phone call I would ever wish on anyone.

That said, when I told her my situation, she was so wonderful. First she was adamant that no, they were not taking back their offer. She said I can certainly defer for a year if I need to, and also that she is going to talk with some other people and find out if there is any other form of alternative funding available so I don't have to count on the TAship for the tuition waiver for the first year; I might be able to take classes and work in the writing lab instyead, then TA the following year, for example - she doesn't know, but she is going to explore options and get back to me. I felt so relieved to hear that this is not unusual, that they do make exceptions, and that there are precedents for this (See? Always ASK!) It would have been so much easier for her to just say "Well, thanks for the heads-up, appreciate you letting us know before April 15, apply again when you're clean". Instead, I was re-affirmed all over again a.) that I certainly chose the right program to work in and b.) I'm worth it.

SO...Cancer, yes. Cancellation of PhD - NO WAY! :D

I am a really, really lucky girl, all things considering. OK...off to sleep off the next round of Vicoden. :)


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Great! This give me hope in humanity. Good people still exist!! rolleyes.gif

Congrats, tough girl, and keep the good work up!

I wish you all the luck .. sending good vibes your way :)

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Great news, indeed!! It was really nice of this woman to offer to look for the best option for you so that you can still do your PhD. Good luck with your treatment. smile.gif

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wow, i'm really impressed and proud of you (even though i don't know you). first of all, not only did you not give up when you found out you had cancer, but you still persevered and applied to graduate school! and secondly, you were moral enough to call and offer up your seat for this, even though it was out of your control.

been a while since i saw a real true-life inspiring story like this. i hope not only that you get into grad school and finish your PhD but that you also get better and become "clean" (like you said).

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That's awesome! I respect the program all the more for doing the right thing and allowing you to defer, as well as finding other options to help you. Of course you are worth it!! Good luck, and keep us posted. :)

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May this lucky streak of yours continue, and that soon everything falls back into place... Am glad that your school is so considerate :)

With good wishes...

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Wow, what an amazing college. With faculty like that, you just can't go wrong. I wish you the best of luck, Thanks for sharing your story.

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