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Finally committed.... I guess?

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Tall Chai Latte


First year of grad school is almost over. Although I don't like the class I'm taking (ugh what a passive aggressive prof... whatev just let me pass), things are alright. Comparing to the first semester, It seems we are more on track. Rotation project accomplished, boss man has no complaints, looks like we are good for the next 3-4 years (I hope).

But I can't help wanting to go home. I just want to spend a little time home when semester ends... I have no idea how to bring this up to the boss man, since he is adamant about students working 24/7. I mean, I agree that in order to be better than everyone else, you need to invest time. Just like if you play piano, to be a good pianist you need to practice piano all the time. To be a good scientist, you need to practice science all the time. After 8 months, I still want to go home... :(

However, a good skype conversation with my ex-PI somewhat relieved that thought. He sounded happy to talk to me again, as we planned how to push our manuscript closer to publication. (he just laughed when I told him "omg the boss man wants me to breathe, eat, and sleep science!" and said "yes... that's for your own good...")

Final exams are coming... Time to study hard. And spring still hasn't arrived in this area. Oh well, patience is a virtue.

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Chai. I have a question. How many days off can you get in a year? I am about to start grad school this fall. I am planning to take two weeks off during christmas time. I never thought I would have to ask permission from my PI about that. Uhm....:unsure:

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For my school, you can get 14 days off in additional to the national holidays, such as thanksgiving and Christmas. If additional off time is needed you need to ask your PI's permission or your pay gets cut.... Christmas is usually that one break people take when their first semester ends, by then you should be done with your first rotation (if your dept requires rotations), so you can go home with ease. I also advise you to take time off for spring break during your first year, because you won't have anymore spring break starting second year. People are more forgiving with first-years taking breaks... Don't sweat too much about it.

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@ beanbagchairs: yep no problem!

@ newmes: the problem is that I have to go out of country for 3 weeks at some point between June and July, that's why asking for more time off is a little awkward now.

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When I'm homesick I just skype my folks...you might want to try that. Because then you can see them and talk to them, and it's easier not to miss home so much.

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