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A brief introduction

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Hello everyone!

I am going not to try to step on any toes or overlap with other things written on the other blogs, but I can't make any promises.

By way of introduction, I'm currently in my last year of undergrad (in History! But I want to switch over to Art History for grad!). I've been receiving emails galore as part of my senior undergraduate listserv for career fairs (come on Career Services know I'm never going to make a good banker or lawyer). Wouldn't it be nice if there were friendly Applying-to-Grad-School services people to hold your hand and offer you chocolate when you need it (or whatever your stress-reliever of choice is). I may of may not think of GradCafe-ers as those people.

In general, I'm mildly terrified that after all the hard work of applying, I'm going to be left standing around in May, as my classmates graduate and go to their nice, paying jobs, while I'm thrown into total chaos because the admissions gods did not favor my request. Unfortunately, I can't sacrifice a fatted calf at the Altar of Admissions (if I could...I just might).

Hopefully, this blog will follow me along as I apply. I also write another blog, but it isn't a personal. Pay no mind to my irreverent appropriation of history.)

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Ha! This entry made me smile - I think that while we may not all admit it, most people would not hesitate to sacrifice fatted calfs, goats or whatever farm animals at the Alter of Admissions. And no, nobody wants to be left school-less, jobless and alone in May....I suppose all we can do is our best.

Good luck with your apps! =)

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Nice to e-meet you LLajax! It would indeed be quite nice to have "Applying-to-Grad-School" people to hold my hand and offer me chocolate. In the meantime, I've just been using my professors. They don't have chocolate. But they do have books, so it's not so bad.

Anyway, good luck on applications and please keep us posted on your progress!

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