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Some Relief

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So I will begin by noting when I first began this process for me it was fun. Yeah, I actually said that. After awhile though I got to a point where I almost couldn't wait until it was over. Like right now I am dreading submitting my first set of apps. I have been lucky to get a few fee waivers, so this first set isn't costing me much, but these are the most competitive programs I am applying to so some stress there. Really though, there are just so many things to stress out about in this whole process, whether it is GRE scores, LOR's, a SOP, etc. This forum can both add or decrease the stress at times just depending on certain issues. Add in everyday life, and really the process just gets tiring, so hopefully it will be worth it, fingers crossed.

So some sense of relief today. First off, I got the first good night of sleep in weeks. Then I was somewhat caught off guard when I started receiving emails saying LORs were completed by one of my recs. He immediately emailed saying he had all of the LORs completed and to let me know about when I started hearing news. Unfortunately with some apps you have to submit apps before a rec can be completed, so when I finally stop feeling nauseated about the process and hit the submit button he can do the last recommendation. For me this is not just a huge relief because they are done but because he is the rec. that most closely matches my interests. He knows me better than my other two recs, and has been the one that has helped me the most in this whole process. While he was disappointed when I told him I wasn't going to apply to his alma mater (a program where I just don't feel competitive), he did then comment some on the programs I am considering. it actually made me feel good about at least one thing in this whole process. For me, I really just realized I am actually doing this. Well obviously I am but right now I just feel really good.

On another note, a little less than two and a half weeks until GRE scores come out for some of us. Truthfully, I actually will just feel relieved that the scores will be sent out.

Edit: Yay, another good morning as I woke up seeing more LORs completed by another one of my recs. I guess the reason why I get so excited about this is because I live on the opposite side of the country/or in a complete different country where my recs are from.

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