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One school down... kinda

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Greetings from rainy and cold Tokyo~

I'm definitely a little byouki (病気)(sick) right now, so I decided to take the night off, stay in, and work on some applications/be lazy. I officially sent in my first graduate school application to... Seton Hall's Whitehead School of Diplomacy!!! I am applying for a Joint Masters in Asian Studies and Diplomacy/International Relations and I'm hoping I get in!

The program itself is good, but its also really close to my home in New Jersey so I could A) live at home and B) get a job as I C) commute to school. It would be oh so lovely. My only concern now is that since it is a joint program, I think I have to apply separately to both programs - which means TWO APPLICATION FEES. I already paid the first fee (100 USD), and I do not want to pay another. I'm on my last 5 weeks of study in Japan and am balanced to the very last yen (which is about .02 cents, silly exchange rate) and an extra fee would mean no food for a week haha.

I also finished my application to the University of British Columbia (my top choice). But right when I was about to hit *submit* they entered their morning maintenance phase so I have to wait a few hours. Their application fee is 153 Canadian dollars! (about the same US). That's so much money that I so do not have >_<;; I know i can wait until I'm home in America (December 15th) to submit my applications (i'll even have my finished transcripts by then, this is my last semester so my current Transcripts don't include this term) since the deadlines aren't until January... but I do not want to wait. I know rushing is bad, but don't you also get more money (or a chance at more money) if you submit early? God I just do not know. Who needs food anyway...

I also applied for 2 internships - one at the Democratic National Campaign in New Jersey (that I think I got... but they said I have to wait until I'm back in America to contact them) and one for the Human Rights Campaign. The problem is I think I might get the HRC internship (MAYBE!) but its UNPAID and in Washington DC, which means I can't afford to go and live there for a semester even if I get it >_<;; Maybe I shouldn't have applied because if I get it I'll take a slot away from someone else... but I'm secretly hoping that if I actually GET the internship I'll find a way to get cheap housing. Or something. Or die. That too. haha.

I've been looking over a lot of people's "Will I get in?" and "What I'm applying for" threads and I feel really....under performed. I have almost ZERO work experience in my field, and no internships. I have job experience... but not in anything wow-worthy. Only one independent research grant... and no published works. I still think I'm good enough to get into some schools, but def. not the best of the best. Which is a shame bc I totally know I would do amazingly in them :P But anyway - this has me limiting my applications. As of right now, I am officially applying at:

University of British Columbia

Seton Hall

Korbel (though they Give like... no funding what so ever)

and.... at least one more.

Oh wish me luck and mercy - and food, since I gotta starve to send this applications.

Domo and some Arigatou -

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