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A tough call :(



I'm visiting one program this weekend because it's in Santa Barbara, three hours away from where I live now. As much as I'd like to visit my other 10 East Coast programs, I can't afford it unless they happen to have funded or assisted Welcome Weekends, and based on last year's round, they do but you find out in February-ish. This school is a good choice because my husband could keep his job which pays extremely well and we'd be close to family and the moving expense certainly would not be as much or as hassled as it would be if we moved to the East Coast. On the other hand, there is no great Baroque scholar there ... and I'm in contact with some of the best Baroque scholars in the country. So when admissions decisions come around, this could be a tough call, and I'm nervous about it. They both have their perks, and they both have their disadvantages. :( Feeling nervous about this and extremely not wise enough to make such a serious call. At least admissions decisions won't be released for a while, but in a way that only adds to the anxiety.

Anyone else have a similar call to make? Any advice?


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My advice would be just to do what you can now and try not to worry about making any calls for a few months. You can only control so much what news comes in the spring, so besides making vague contingency plans, I wouldn't worry overmuch about making any call now.

Just my $0.02!

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There are too many what-ifs now. I assume that there are enough strengths to this program that you would consider attending it, under certain circumstances, but there are too many free parameters right now to be able to make an informed decision.

Come decision time, you'll know what offers you have, what kind of funding they come with, how friendly the student body feels and how well you get along with professors during post-admissions visits or conversations. The only thing you can do now is come up with non-negotiable criteria such that if an offer lacks one of them, then you cannot accept it. Aside from that, unfortunately you simply have to wait.

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Thanks guys :) I really appreciate it! Waiting until February or March is going to be torture, but at least once all my applications are submitted I can find other things to distract myself. ... Like "Waiting it Out" on the forum! ;)

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