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Just a Quick Post

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I had previously written that I wanted to get the rest of my apps in a few weeks ago, but after submitting my December apps I sort of lacked motivation and didn't really want to look at the stuff for awhile. I finally am finishing my apps and I am very happy to have this process almost done, with the exception of a professor sending his LOR's. :( Truthfully, I think with my other recs writing their letters before and my one professor just writing them now contributed to this lack of motivation some. Really it just goes to show your recs. maybe be busier than you think so really you don't want to get too discouraged with the whole process.

I have now begun to take a look more into my actual chances at various programs, because really the lack of motivation was to a point where I was thinking, what am I doing? After some minor missteps though, I am ready to get this process done with. Hopefully, I will be hearing good news from somewhere in the next couple months. In the meantime, I have been busy and will be keeping busy.

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