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And now the waiting game

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So now my applications are all submitted, letters are in, transcripts are in. And it is time to begin waiting.

This whole process was a bit trying. Mainly because one of my prof's who was writing me letters submitted them all late, which stressed me out to no end. My whole thing was that while I was grateful that he was doing it in the first place, I didn't want to get on his case. But on the other hand, if he got them in too late, I might not even had my applications looked at in the first place.

But no more worries on that front. So I am breathing again, and can sleep at night. Once again I am grateful, completely and utterly. I will be more so if I get in to grad school.

Considering the whole thing though, right now I feel totally calm. I am not at the moment I am not stressing at all about the waiting game. But at the same time, I feel that as time goes on, I will be more and more worried, especially if I start hearing about other people getting into their programs as I wait. I am getting a little edgy about some of it, but considering that my last application went in only last Friday, not really that worried.

I have a trip to Seattle, and plan to use it wisely. It will be a much needed break before I come back again, and start doing my checks on my status.

Good luck to everyone else!

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Breathing and staying calm is really good. Last year I was a stressball every single day, waiting. Looking back, it seems so ridiculous--I wish I took more time to enjoy my last semester of undergrad. It had absolutely no bearing on the outcome.

So everyone--keep calm and carry on. It may be hard to do (I know), but go grab a beer RIGHT NOW.

...yes, especially if you're working on a huge class project.

(Good luck Kitkat!)

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I wish I took more time to enjoy my last semester of undergrad. It had absolutely no bearing on the outcome.

This. Also, plan to take the summer off. You're looking at another 5+ years, so make sure you don't burn out!

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