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The #JustOneMore Initiative!



(This is cross-posted from my wordpress blog, which is my main posting spot: http://caridwen.wordpress.com/)

OK, here we go…. the #JustOneMore movement. It’s here. It’s time.

Time to let go of our fears and worries that we will never be enough or do enough.

Time to let go of that niggly feeling that we should/could/might/ought to be doing more.

Time to go from the intention to up the ante, to actually upping the ante.

Time to let go of the side of the pool and start swimming in the deep end (with floaties. Because I don’t want to be responsible for anyone’s drowning, even metaphorically).

Time to take the training wheels off the bike and go flying down the hill (wearing a helmet. Because again, I don’t want to be responsible for an ER visit to repair a bashed-in head, even metaphorically).

Time to Shine like the Top of the Eiffel Tower at Christmas/Yuletide. (Have you ever seen that? It’s pretty groovy.)

In short: It’s time to take the bull by the horns and do the rhumba until it rolls over in submission to your awesomeness.

OK, OK, enough, I’m fresh out of cliches.

So, here’s the deal: Today, starting now, I am initiating the #JustOneMore initiative.

It’s very simple. Deliciously simple. Arguably the simplest thing we can possibly do to take charge and feel like we are in control of our own destinies.

It’s just what it says: Each day, pick one thing you are doing or intend to do, and do just one more.

Let’s say, your New Year Resolution was to run for twenty minutes every day. Today, at the end of those twenty minutes, run just one more. Now, you’ve done twenty-one minutes! It doesn’t sound like much, does it? Well, on Sunday, I was running five-minute change-up intervals on the treadmill. At 25 minutes, when I planned to stop, I was at 2.2 miles and 223 calories burned. I did just one more set of five minutes, and I ended up at 3.1 and 305, respectively. That can really add up! 13.1 miles in sub-2 hours, here I come!

Or, maybe your goals are less lofty than running a half-marathon; let’s say you want to be able to do 10 pushups. Do as many as you think you can…and then just one more. Think how badass you are going to feel, you buff hottie, you! Boo ya!

Or, maybe your goal is to write 1,000 words a day. Break it down into 100-word increments. Now, write just one more. Ta-da! 1,100 words! Doesn’t seem like that much to you? Well, if you do it every day, at the end of the week that’s 700 extra words in your document, without even trying for it.

Maybe you have set a goal to finish reading that stack of books on your nightstand, or if you’re an academic, to get through a pile of articles. If you read just one more chapter/article/ even page, each night, that’s that much closer to your goal, that much quicker!

Grading papers? At the end of the session, tack on just one more.

Doing laundry? get just one more load into the washer before you call it a night.

Got a list of things to do? Tackle just one more before bed.

Answering emails? Answer just one more before you log off.

Hugging someone you love? Why not slip in just one more, while you’re at it. Ditto kisses. Ditto orgasms (oops, that one just slipped in there, sorry folks. Wait a minute, I’m not sorry at all. )

The possibilities are endless. Why, just the other night, I did just one more thing before bed: I sewed the back of my daughter’s stuffed dragon up. He’s been sitting on my couch in my study waiting for me to attend to his gaping wound for weeks. I didn’t have time to sit down and do the pile of mending he was added to, so I just didn’t do any of it. With #JustOneMore, I did that one, last thing and made her night. And then in doing that, it occurred to me that hey! That was actually pretty easy, and maybe, just maybe, I could go ahead and sew one thing each night and that pile would go away and stop scaring me. So, tonight before bed, I’m going to sew a pair of my husband’s pants, and maybe even another one for good measure! And if I keep this up, the mending pile will slowly but surely, disappear. One thing at a time.

Today, during a faculty meeting, I listened, contributed to the discussion, and graded just one more set of papers… which freed up extra time this evening for me to write. SCORE!

And this week, I submitted a proposal to write just one more essay for publication.

And it dawned on me, while I was developing all of this, that I pretty much already do this, all the time. I’m constantly pushing myself, in competition with myself. But we don’t have to go to extremes to do this. We can ALL do and be more, and thereby be more the person we are trying to be.

See, here’s the thing: we can ALL of us do JUST ONE MORE THING. It’s not that much. It’s just one thing. Even when we think we are going to drop from exhaustion, we can still do one more thing. One, small thing we have been meaning to do. And then that springboards and rolls over and turns into two things, and three things, and before you know it we are all tap-dancing around the kitchen while simultaneously cooking a three-course meal, folding the laundry, doing the dishes, working on our unpublished novels, checking emails, updating Facebook, checking the daughter’s Math homework, talking to our Mothers on the phone, AND doing isometrics to tone that tummy. Piece of cake. (After we’re done tap-dancing, because during would be a bit messy and over-complicate things).

SO, here’s the challenge: For the next 30 days, every day, I want YOU to #JustOneMore. Every day, identify and tackle ONE MORE THING. And make sure you come here and tell me about it, or blog it and link back to me so I know where to go to read it, or Tweet it to @mridleyelmes. And I will do it, too. And at the end of the 30 days, let’s see how we feel. I would be shocked if we were all of us anything less than delighted with what marvelously accomplished creatures we have become.

Anybody up for that shiny, happy feeling of, “I totally did that, I’m a rock star”? Let’s do it! Remember, it all starts with one, simple phrase:


Spread the word! Let’s get a positive, optimistic, inspirational movement going!


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Okay, I have to be honest... this just made my day/week.

This is a wonderful blog post, especially rigth now, during the waiting game!

Thank you.

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