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Still waiting

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So when I decided to continue this blog into this application season I really thought I would have a lot to blog about. So far though my email/phone have been pretty quiet. Strangely, I have not heard a word from my #1 choice and nothing has been posted on the results page either. Given the results from the past few years, notifications should have gone out a few weeks ago and so far nothing. I'm making myself wait until at least March to email the department so until then I'll be waiting (unless I hear back sooner than that). At this point I'm hoping I at least made the waitlist...I did last time so that should be a pretty good possibility given my application is even stronger this time, but we'll see.

Now to get to the good part: I had an interview Friday! My first grad school interview ever! This school is technically on my "safety schools" list, but given the location and some other aspects of the program (not including the whole "hey they like me" thing) I have pretty much moved it to my #2 choice spot. The week before my interview I was a nervous wreck, but as the day got closer, I got more excited and less nervous. I ended up having a great time at the interview. When I was interviewing with one of the professors there I actually thought, "I get to talk about my research, their research, and the field as a whole...this is so much fun!". I seemed to get along well with the faculty and grad students and the program seems to be a really good fit. This whole experience is making me a lot calmer about the whole process, though I still have to keep reminding myself that I am not in yet! I didn't ask, but it sounds like decisions will be made soon, so here's hoping I get an offer! *fingers crossed*

Speaking of acceptances, I'm still deciding how I want to tell my main professor/mentor when I do get an offer. He's guided me through all of this for the past several years and because of that I don't want to simply email/call him and say "I got in". I really want to be able to see his face when I tell him. He and I tease each other a lot, so I kind of want to surprise him but I haven't decided how yet. On the other hand, I'm not sure if this is something I should surprise him with, but I guess I'll see how I feel when this happens. If I do decide to surprise him, whatever I do will have to be short because I won't be able to keep a straight face for long! If I come up with something clever, I'll let you know.

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