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Acceptance...Rejection...and Waiting



When I first begin blogging I really thought it would help me unwind and sometimes it really does, but for instance right now it is 3 AM and I am up. Why it's not even a week day so I shouldn't be worrying right? Well the thing is my brain hardly ever wants to shut off and right now it's pissing me off. On a much more random note, RIP Whitney. I never really liked her as an artist but you have to give her some credit.

I mainly wanted to talk about my admissions profile, because I guess now that I have heard back from some programs, I don't necessarily need that anonymity. My academic profile is good nut nothing spectacular like some of the people on this forum. I did extremely well on the GRE quant and on the verbal section I barely made the 50 percentile. No I am not applying to exclusively top 15 -even 30 programs, but I nonetheless good programs that fit my academic interests. My GPA on the other hand is good, around 3.9/4.0. My CV while I think is okay isn't really anything to jump up and down about. I don't have anything published. My job experience is fairly relevant but just okay, and my other skills listed on it may be relevant to my research, but I have seen much better. I am not some super human I guess although going into this process I literally thought I was the sh*t. Trust me, I think that has helped my morale because I don't think I could have handled many of the things I have gone through without the confidence I have in myself.

I also wanted to talk about acceptance and rejection obviously. After all, that is the title of this post. The first notification I received was an acceptance. I think I was a little shocked, but definitely I was happy because like many of you I have dreamed about this for a long time. Two days later, I received a rejection from my top choice. Truthfully, while originally I thought I would be extremely upset I wasn't. Who really wants to live in Pittsburgh anyways? My most shocking decision came the next day when I was accepted to another program. Originally, I thought when applying I would get accepted to maybe 1 or 2 programs and I would have been perfectly happy with that but I still have to hear from a few more programs. I am still in the game. For me this definitely is the perfect analogy, because one I chose being an academic over professional tennis, and secondly my family is heavily involved in sports, not playing them but in other ways. I think for anyone that is a former athlete this process definitely has some similarities to sports because not only is it extremely competitive, you do have good days and bad days, you can ultimately win what you most desire, etc. One thing I hate most about it though is when you do hear news and your family and friends treat it like sports.

One of the main reasons why I wrote this particular blog was out of curiosity. I wanted to see if there were any German, Russian, or Lithuanian speakers on this forum and to see where they were applying.

I think that's all for this week. Hopefully the rest of you will be hearing good news in the coming weeks.


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Я говорю по русски, но я хочу, чтобы учиться живопись. Вы из России?

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извиниться, я говорю по русски, не brown06. Я случайно регистрировался к ее счету.

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^ Спасибо за комментарий! Я из США. Я немного говорю по-русски. Я работал в Литве.

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Я также из США, и я учусь в университете Брандейса (но я живу в штате Род-Айленд). Я всегда хотела ноехать в Литву! Как Вам нравиться жить там? Я слышу что Латвии красивая.

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Привет! Я из России! Здесь точно много русских!

Your blog is interesting! Just randomly came across it)

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Marina, I just now saw your comment. First off, yay another Russian speaker. Obviously, I just know a little Russian. How is the whole waiting going? Any good news?

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