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So I have found a problem in one of my applications that is large enough that should I get rejected from one of my schools, I will not at all be suprised. At this point, I am suprised that they haven't rejected me already considering the problem. And at this point, I feel that it is too late to remedy. Honestly, considering the issue, I am completely ok with this. I am starting to think that this might be for the best if I get rejected by this school (albeit this is me also hoping that I still get in somewhere else).

I still have 3 other schools besides this one, and any of the other three would still be amazing schools. My top three actually. One of which is more likely then the other three, that one being the masters program that I appied to.

But the fact that I let this happen even with one of my schools bothers me. I cought and fixed other issues rather quickly with other programs(aya for starting early on my applications), and it suprises me that this one didn't get finished being taken care of. It's the fact that I missed this in anyway that really bothers me. I know that I was distracted to no end when I sent that application in, but still. And to some degree it was mostly out of my control.

Oh well. What is done is done.

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It was just to make sure that one of my LOR writers never finished submitting all of the stuff for the LOR at one of the schools. I reminded him several times, but did not finish keeping up to make sure that he actually did finish it. He got in about half of what they wanted.

Although, he did complete everything for every other school that I applied to.

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I think that what happened there was he submitted the letter, but they had extra questions that he never got around to finish answering. The thing was, even before the due date, he asked if he missed anything, I mentioned this, and sent him reminders like he asked, and he never got around to it. I went through extra reminders before the due date, and after, also after checking with the program. The program itself seemed rather understanding, since profs are not really that under our control.

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Uhg, last cycle this exact thing happened to me >_< And this cycle one of the letters didn't get to a school while it got to all the others, so it had to be sent again! As was said, just forget about it. Schools do understand (the adcom is made up of professors after all who prob do the same thing that happened to you).

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