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The Hardest Part

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Going into this process, and throughout this whole process, I think we all encounter obstacles and while these definitely are hard at certain points, they definitely have not been the hardest for me personally. For me, the hardest part has come post-acceptance and waiting. When I originally chose the programs I applied to, I could see myself being a successful scholar at all of them. I only applied to six programs and I definitely could have been shut out but instead I have been lucky. Honestly, I never imagined I would have to choose. While I do consider myself a good applicant, just by looking on this forum it has made me realize there are many other excellent candidates. I am still in somewhat shock to have choices. Choosing now is the hardest part.

When it comes down to choosing, you do have to consider a lot of things, and when considering all of these things, the situation becomes more real. While I have dreamed of this to whole situation I never pictured having to turn down offers to programs I would love to attend. I actually chose to write a somewhat lengthy email to the one program I declined thus far, because out of all the programs I applied the staff and faculty there were always so nice. They went out of their way at times just for one person that was applying to a program that attracts around 100 applicants. To me being nice always goes a long way, and this particular program I think deserves a lot more credit than they get. Not only this, I loved the location of this particular program. I know I won't be able to eat KFC again and not think of them. LOL, just trying to draw humour into the situation after making this difficult decision. Overall, turning this particular program down, as well as considering which other offer I will eventually have to turn down, has been the hardest decision I have had to make throughout this process.

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"Overall, turning this particular program down, as well as considering which other offer I will eventually have to turn down, has been the hardest decision I have had to make throughout this process." I heartily agree with this, orst11. I am still astounded that more than one program admitted me, and I am not quite sure how to decide among my options. I have read nearly everything in these forums about making such a decision, and have even developed an Excel spreadsheet where I try to keep track of several variables. Regardless of these efforts, the act of deciding still remains difficult.

On another note, your avatar image seems to suggest that we might share regional interests. I do not know how much you wish to reveal about your studies - I understand the desire to remain anonymous here - but if you ever wish to chat about them, please do feel free to pm me. It is always nice to know people with shared academic interests.

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I actually did almost the same thing you described with the spreadsheets and what not. Really with this choice funding came into play as well as a number of other variable such as ranking, contact with POI"s, location, etc.

Truthfully, I thought it was somewhat greedy of me to hold on to three offers when I can only choose one in the end. In all honesty the program I declined didn't have any expertise in regional aspects of my research which to me play a crucial role.

I will PM you my research interests. I actually was going to mention these once i made a decision but truthfully all i am doing now is waiting for my cycle to finish up.

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