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Emailed Programs, News, and so on



Well, almost one week has passed (tomorrow will be a week) since I got the official funding offer from the MA program that's accepted me. I thought I would hear from more programs by the end of the day on Monday this week. I didn't, so I emailed them. I've heard back from two, and still need to hear back from two. I didn't email one program I applied to because their graduate secretary simply has an autoresponder on and that's no use.

UVA wrote back and told me that I was on the waitlist (yay), but that they likely won't be using it this year so I can expect my rejection letter sometime shortly after April 15. Still, that I even made it to the waitlist was a nice thought.

My dream school wrote back and asked what the offer was and - glimmer of hope - told me that they are still making decisions. How I pine after that program!!

Right now, I still need to hear from: UMD, UNC, Toronto, and Bryn Mawr. I suspect Toronto and Bryn Mawr are rejections, so I didn't email them asking about my status.

I am really hoping for positive responses from my dream school and UMD. I thought I had a great shot at UMD - it's a good fit and my POI and I get along famously. My dream school's art history program is only increasing with prestige as time goes on, so I am seriously praying that my application stands out in a good way and that the relationship I've spent so much time trying to build with my POI doesn't go unnoticed. He'd be wonderful to learn from.


I'm not really sure of anything. Last night I had a huge "I suck at academia" episode and had to resort to re-reading some of my professors' comments on my papers and thesis to make myself feel better. Doubt is a terrible thing.

I've been busying myself with a new volunteer position I've undertaken for the Italian Art Society, though I admit it's been difficult to actually get anything accomplished since the internet at our house has been out for about a week.

Anyway, my fingers are crossed for my remaining programs. If I don't hear from them by Friday night or perhaps I'll push it to Monday, then I'll get back to the MA program with an answer. There are a lot of factors to be considered if the MA offer is "all" (I put "all" in quotes because I don't mean to say that I'm ungrateful for it) I end up with this year, especially since this doesn't just affect me but my husband as well. We'll see. I'll of course keep you all posted as to what the remaining schools say.

Come on dream school, you can do it :)

I sincerely hope that your application seasons are treating you well! I appreciate everyone who reads this and the kind words you've left for me since I started this tumultuous process :)

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