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Email from my Dream School!!!!



I got an email from my dream school today, asking for an update on any other offers I'm considering (no update, sad day). I wrote back and said that the MA program is still the only offer, but that UMD is sending their letters via post so I might have an offer update for them in a few days. (Post, really? Agony!)

That's not the good part.

The good part is when the email asked me to please not accept any offers without checking with (dream POI, who also wrote the email) first.


That is a good statement right? I thought it was a very serious and positive statement for them to make and of course this isn't an acceptance but it means I'm not out of the running.

I was also pretty forthright in my response and told them right off the bat that this school is my dream school and that I would accept. (Of course I didn't add that I financially would not be able to accept if there was no funding but ... they fund everyone who they accept, so I didn't think it needed to be said.)

My imagination is going crazy. I'm 99.9% positive that this email was a good thing.

Now, naturally, I have to get all paranoid on you for a second and ask this:

Do you think that they asked for an update on my offers because they want to see how popular I am and admit me if I'm "popular" (i.e., accepted to more than one program) or reject me if I'm not? Because obviously, with one acceptance having applied to 12ish schools, I'm not "popular" this application season.

I would like to think that the only reason they want to know is so that they can match the offer and admit me. I applied to their PhD program, so I imagine that any offer they make me, I would readily accept in a heartbeat. However, if they're asking so they can say "Well, she only has one offer and Candidate X has three... let's poach them instead," then that's just sad and I'd feel toyed with.

What do you guys think? Is them asking me what other offers I've gotten not really a good sign? (I do believe that them asking me not to accept without checking with them is a wonderful statement and a great sign...)


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No, I don't think that popularity has anything to do with it. Maybe you're high on the waitlist and they're trying to see who is still interested in them. But yes, definitely a good sign! I'm crossing my fingers for you. :)

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Post? Post? Argggh! That's just messing with you. I think that your guess seems very likely, but wait for that mail before you pop any champagne bottles:) Good luck!

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My experience is just one experience. But FWIW:

1. I told my dream school they were indeed my dream school and I would accept the offer if they made it (this was at the interview weekend, which I imagine is like the current "round" you are at)

2. Also at the interview, they asked us to tell them (in writing) any offers we currently had outstanding and how much the funding was. I had one unfunded acceptance that, frankly, was pretty much an insult to me and I certainly wasn't going to give that school any credit with Much Better School, so I left that question completely blank. They did say it would not affect our chances of admission at all. It was solely so that, if they did end up making us an offer, they could compete with whatever other offers we might have.

3. Here I am. :)

Knocking on wood for you!

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Thanks everyone! I hope they don't deter from wanting me there after I email them and tell them that... UMD didn't make me an offer. :(

They have no PhD offer to compete with.

Where's the fun in that?

Will they still want me?

I promised to tell them when I heard ...

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Fantastic news! Based on their contacting you and by what they said, I think there's a good chance that they really want you. I'm rooting for you! :)

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Thanks everyone! I hope they don't deter from wanting me there after I email them and tell them that... UMD didn't make me an offer. :( They have no PhD offer to compete with.Where's the fun in that?Will they still want me?I promised to tell them when I heard ...

I think they'll still want you. Let them know about UMD and see what they say. Good luck!

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Thank you all so much for the well wishes! :) I wrote them on Saturday and let them know about UMD since I said I would and naturally have yet to hear back (even though East Costers have been awake/at work for hours now ;)). I'm so anxious to hear back. I don't really care how long they take as long as it's good news but if it's bad news they should probably get it over with so I have time to get through the seven stages of grief. :P And go on a trip -- for either news. :)

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Interesting! So any updates from them?

Sort of! :D You can read about it I'm expecting a final decision a week from Monday, but... we'll see how that goes.

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