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August 20: The Journey Begins



OK, I lied. I actually start TA orientation on August 6.


What a long, strange journey this has been. First, the application season-that-wasn't. Then, the application season that ended in a fully-funded offer from a perfect-fit school. Followed almost immediately by the cancer diagnosis. Followed by the year of chemo and radiation. Followed (most thankfully) by remission.

And now, after a full decade of starts and stops, I'm finally doing this. I've given notice at the school I've been teaching at for the past decade. I'm registered for classes. I have my funding package. We're looking for a place to move into.

Somebody pinch me - surely this isn't my wildest dream, actually coming true at long last? :wub:

Now, the question is - shall I blog about my first year here? Do you want to read about that?


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I am so, so happy for you! I've followed you here on the boards, and I'm a (passive) subscriber to your blog, as well. I'm glad to read your updates, and I'd really like to be able to follow someone as they start their first year at a PhD program. Especially someone I already "know." :)

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OK, well then we will give it a try and see what blogging the first year here looks like. If it gets overwhelming or no one seems to really want to read about it, I'll just scale back to maintaining my regular blog; worth a try if it will help/encourage/entertain anyone. :)

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I am so, so happy for you! I've followed you here on the boards, and I'm a (passive) subscriber to your blog, as well. :)...

Thanks for subscribing to my blog! :)

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Good luck in your Ph.D. program. I know I do not know you, however, I just passed this blog today online, and I thought I would add my input. I am just about finished with my first year, and I will say it has been a journey. Fortunately for me my family and friends are huge support. I will say this, one of my mentors told me to give up a lot of the pleasures of life and strictly devote my life to my PhD. Trust me, don’t fully give up on the pleasures of life, every now and then I will go out on the lake and go fishing on my boat, and have a beer.

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