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Here we go again



It has been several months since I last wrote in here so I guess I should start this entry with a brief update. Basically last application season did not work out. I interviewed at one school (which I thought went really well) and ended up getting on the waitlist for 4 schools (including the one I interviewed at). However, in the end I had to wait until well after April 15th to find out that I did not get in anywhere. I spent a few days weeks dealing with the disappointment, but then I had to face the fact that this is how it is and to move on. So I am...well mostly. I am human after all.

So now I am starting my fourth round of applications. Yes, you read that right, fourth. Each round I have improved my application, which has yielded more favorable results by the adcoms (more waitlists, etc.) but I haven't gotten the actual PhD acceptance letter yet. Have I mentioned that there are no glaring flaws with my application? I have had numerous people tell me that it basically was just down to bad luck that my app wasn't chosen. And yes, it is frustrating and at times I wonder why I am doing this to myself. But to put it simply, I have done a lot of soul searching and I know for a fact that if I give up on this, I will regret it down the line. So I reapply, hoping and praying that this time it will work out in my favor. And in the meantime, I continue to improve my application so that eventually it will. I am a stubborn one after all. :-)

I started blogging here several years ago because I wanted to document my experiences. I needed an outlet to express my feelings with others who really understood where I was coming from, and I think this year I will need that more than ever. Although this cycle has just started it already has been emotionally tough for me, and I know that it will most likely just get worse. But I think that's an entry for another day.


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Don't give up!! Stay encouraged. I am applying for a second time and I understand your pain. But if you know that the academic path is for you, you must stay the course! My only question is, what sort of programs are you applying for and what will you do differently this time? Feel to respond to me directly through a personal message. There's so much more of application season left. I'm just beginning (my princeton review GRE course end in 2 weeks, then taking GRE). Asking for recs this week...

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I agree if its that important to you stick with it. But yes please inbox me if its more comfortable I'd love to know you academic record, GRE scores, you know the stats. What you wrote about for your scholarly essays, what your personal statement said, and what are these schools? Are they all top tier? Would love to discuss this further. Good luck though if this is your dream you shall have it.

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Im applying this year too. And because I am already a year late (graduated on May 12), I feel this year will be last chance...

As Count Monte Cristo said: WAIT AND HOPE!

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Sorry I'm just catching up! I'll PM those who asked for additional stats. Thanks for the encouragement! Even though I came across as somewhat depressed in this post I've actually been feeling fairly optimistic lately about my chances. This year will be my year, I know it!

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I'm applying this year as well and rounding the bend as it pertains to my application process. I too am interested in seeing your stats and what it is that you are planning to do differently. I can understand that this process may be quite daunting. I do, however, encourage you to stay the path. Contact the schools you've applied to and inquire about the reasons you were not admitted. It may be difficult to get a clear answer immediately, but you will receive at least some more information that may help you this time around.

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You are so incredibly brave for sharing your story (anonymously or otherwise) and such an inspiration. This is my first PhD application cycle (I also got my master's first) but I've already started coming up with a completely unrelated Plan B. But you have persevered to achieve your goals and follow your dream, and I just might change my mind and postpone that Plan B if this year doesn't work out. Thank you for sharing all of this.

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Your story's really inspiring since I'm starting my second round this year! I feel like I'm having a nervous breakdown sometimes when I imagine getting another round of rejection letters... I mean, now that I actually know how it feels like to get all rejections but no admissions, I can imagine the pain and disappointment quite vividly. But, like you said, I know I will regret it for a long long time if I give up now.

Based on your username, I'm guessing you're a psychology major, do you mind if I ask what schools you have applied to? I did sociolinguitic/linguistic anthropology for my MA but I'm thinking about applying to an education/educational psychology program for PhD.

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second round of application here! I just checked my GRE scores and the AW still sucks! Maybe it is too late to take another one this year. I will go for master now. In my statement of purpose I wrote that I don't give up, now I am giving up, too much stress and too many disappointment.

Good luck with your app this year!! Carry on for us who eventually gave up!!!!!

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I'm on my second round of application here but I completely understand where you're coming from. I also admire your stubbornness and resilience in pursuing your goal. I sincerely wish you all the best!!

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