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What Have I Gotten Myself Into



Hello Everyone!

I'm pretty happy to have been given permission to share my grad school application process with you guys here. I've been meaning to blog about my experiences with the application anyway, so it's nice to have an audience waiting.

To introduce myself my name is Jenny hence the username, and I am in my fourth year of my Honours B.A. with Specialization in Psychology. This means not only am I applying to grad school for the first time, but I'm (attempting) to complete my final year of my undergrad which has unfortunately been the hardest year yet. Maybe it's the pressure I'm putting on myself or maybe professors have been especially cruel with their workload this year. Needless to say I am very stressed out.

My applications are thankfully not due until mid-February at the earliest so I should have at least started them by the middle of this month - or so I've been told. I've actually already begun working on my C.V. and filled out part of the online application for the Evolutionary Psychology M.Sc I am apply to, but school has gotten very busy recently and I haven't had time to do much else. I have only glanced at the application to UofTs Master of Information program even though it's due long before the Psychology application is.

To be quite honest I've had quite a few minor breakdowns these past couple of weeks. I've had one project due every week since the week of November 5th, or a midterm to study for. Now that it's December I have my last 3 days of classes, a presentation to present, and a final exam to study for this week. That is unfortunately only the beginning, as next week means 3 more final projects are due, as well as a take home exam for a course I thought would require very little effort (who knew first year cinema was going to be such a pain?). My last final exam of the semester is December 17th. On top of that I haven't spoken to my potential LORs yet, nor do I even have the confidence in myself that they'll even be willing to write a letter for me so . . . I'm not in the best mindset for that sort of thing right now. I would go into more detail, but I think it's best if I save that for an entry where I'm not just introducing myself to you all. And for a night that I don't have a powerpoint to create.

Anyway, thanks for joining me in my journey to graduate studies. I look forward to eventually sharing my triumphs with you, even if it means they don't come for a couple of years (knock on wood).


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Good luck in your grad school application.

If I were you, I would still send out e-mails to my potential LORs POI / PI regardless how, especially I have nothing to lose by showing interest about his/her program, probably his/her research, through e-mail. lol.

Edited: If I were you, I would send out e-mails to my potential LORs asap, especially the ones that I have not contact for awhile, but I know that he/she will write me a strong LOR.

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Thanks aberrant.

Thankfully the programs I am applying to are course-based Masters, so POIs aren't really an issue I have to deal with. But I came into some spare time this week so I'll be emailing potential LORs by Friday. On another thankful note, I had them all this semester - except the lab coordinator, but I work in her lab once a week so she knows who I am.

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