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Actually Got the Ball Rolling



The hardest part (for me) is over, I hope. I've sent out my emails requesting letters of recommendation. I finally did the thing I had been putting off for MONTHS (literally). My statement of interest is started (and will now be finished within the week so I can provide it to professors), and I've also begun the portions of my online applications that I can actually do right now. I'll get my transcripts once my first semester grades are in (January 18th).

What brought this sudden rush of personal grad school productivity was not the free time allotted to me thanks to Christmas vacations, but the fact that I came to my senses that if I didn't get these applications done I would DEFINITELY not have anything planned out for next year. This miniature panic was enough to get me past my nervousness with emailing professors and give me the motivation to do it. Now that it's done . . . I don't really understand why those short emails took so much time and energy for me to pump out although I do understand why I felt that way, but in the end it wasn't as big of a deal as I was expecting.

I did accidentally send a typo to one professor though . . .

In addition, after accidentally saving this entry as a draft and not publishing it, my Evolutionary Psychology seminar prof has agreed to write me a letter of recommendation! I will be finishing my Statement of Purpose(s) this week, sending those, my CV and anything else he may require. Hopefully I don't have to chase him for things, but he's already proving pretty on the ball as he replied to an email I sent Sunday.


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