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The Unexpected Benefits of Illness!



blog-0880745001358053070.jpgHello again!

After a rather longer-than-intended delay, I have returned! The reason for said delay (and my suddent absence from GradCafe) has been an unexpected illness, which has kept me couch-ridden for the better part of a week.

As unpleasant as my listless, nauseated sojourn on the sofa has been, however, I have found one or two silver linings to the situation:

1) Classes at my MA program start next week, instead of THIS week. It would have been a terrible way to get the semester started by immediately becoming behind on all of my work. I should be fit as a fiddle come Monday (God willing!), and ready for my all-out sprint toward my thesis defense and graduation. :)

2) Perhaps more importantly, being a sleepy couch potato (with no motivation to do anything beyond take a shower once a day) briefly cured me of my results-checking obsession! Though, while I'd like to say that my once/twice a day perusal of the results listings will continue into February, I know full well that I will be unable to restrain myself the closer we get to most university's history decisions.

All the same, I've rather enjoyed this brief respite from waiting-game hysteria...even if the underlying cause of my break from GradCafe was decidedly unsavory. I'm hoping that my return to class this week will provide a similar, albeit much more productive, distraction from my grad school insanity! :)

How are all of you doing with obsessing/compulsively checking the results? Has anyone heard back yet? How many of you have begun the spring term?

Hope this post finds you all well! As always, best of luck to you, and feel free to post any questions or comments you might have here (or in a PM). :D


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I'm sorry for your illness and hope you are feeling better! I know how annoying these health issues (no matter how important it is we take care of ourselves) can be. At least you did get a short respite from the waiting game.


I obsess by refreshing the results board in between reading my comp books (I'm studying for comp exams - and as much as I hoped it would distract me, it's not doing a great job!). I also check my email hourly. When I'm feeling really anxious I go to my online apps and check statuses. Yet why I think there would be any change over the weekend, I don't know.


My term starts on Jan 22 - but thank heavens I don't need to teach until the following week after my exams (Jan. 29). Then I work on the thesis until I hate it :-)


Keep up the posting!

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Hope you're feeling better soon!

As for waiting and obsessively checking...I wasn't too too worried until I got my first acceptance. Now I'm like "Dude, X school accepted me, why can't YOU tell me the decision?" Needless to say, it isn't helping that one school's deadline isn't until tomorrow.

Also waiting impatiently to hear about my summer plans. All in good time. In the mean time, I have my senior thesis to write. Second term starts for InterPol on the 30th, for everyone else (my history class) on the 4th. In the meantime I've got to take one exam and spend some time in Cardiff and Bath.

Best of luck, feel better and keep us updated!

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Hi! I am also a future historian, provided the admission committees accept me :) I am glad to see I am not alone! The issue is I am an international students so some rules apply different to us. Apparently, though exotic, we ARE applying for an American university and thus need to show that we can cope with that. In other words, what the heck is people thinking when asking for GRE???? 


Anyway, thanks for your blog, love to see myself reflected here. I wish you all the best!!!!!

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