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I'm Essentially Finished Now



Yesterday I emailed a large number of attachments to one of my recommenders so she could write me a letter, and I finished both my Letters of Intent. I picked up copies of my transcripts, and requested copies to be sent to the schools I applied to once I graduate. I only need to finish the online portions of my applications and hassle my recommenders to finish their letters then I'm done with the application process and fully begin my waiting game.

Of course, I have heard the recommenders thing can sometimes be nothing less than a huge pain in the ass - so we shall see how that goes. Presently I am waiting for one recommender to email me his phone number so I can include it in my application (U of T requires it for some reason), and I have spent all weekend impatiently waiting for his reply.

I also changed my Facebook name this week to hopefully keep myself hidden. It may or may not work, but it was worth a try, and I always wanted to be a Penelope.

With all this in mind, I still have another 3 months of school to finish up, and get good grades in. Plus there's the whole making a backup plan if the grad school situation doesn't work out. Presently I feel a calm, from having completed such a necessary and big step in my life (the grad school applications). In a week though I am sure the small amounts of panic will begin to set in again and I'll occasionally pace around my apartment muttering profanities to myself because I'll feel completely and utterly screwed if I don't get in.

I'm going to try and enjoy the calm for now.

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Hi :)

I've applied to UofT also. And yes, getting recommenders to get their stuff in is a pain in the butt! I started my application in late October, so my recommenders had *plenty* of time to get their stuff in. Of course, after returning from my vacation in late November, I realized NONE of them had completed their referrals! I had spoken to all of them in October & they all swore they would be more than happy to be a referral. So in December I had to contact each of them & plead/beg they finish it soon. One had it done the next day, the other took a few weeks, and one was on a research trip to Kenya until after the New Year! Of course, in addition to their own crazy busy jobs, they were also completing recommendations for a million other people. I can see how that would wear on some of them. By early January, all recommendations were in & my application was final (it took me a long time to gather my thoughts for the personal statement though, not sure why it was the final piece). Now begins the waiting...


Good luck!

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