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Where We Read to Forget



I have gotten two acceptances so far - Indiana University's SLIS program and Aberystwyth University's MSEcon in Archives Administration. To those of you who are still waiting, I promise you, the email/letter/phone call you get with your first acceptance (or second) will make the work and the wait worth it.

While I've pretty much decided where I am going, I am waiting for those other decisions. I have to weigh costs of a one year program with a crappy exchange rate (seriously, dollar-pound can you be closer to 1-1 like NOW?) versus a 3 year out-of-state program where I might get half-funding and in-state for the rest. Not entirely sure how that is going to pan out but... I am in a better situation than most. I am graduating from undergrad with absolutely no debt and I have somewhere between $10k and $20k in my college savings leftover for graduate school. So I really can't complain.

What I can complain about is the constant on-my-mind-ness of decisions. And this comes at absolutely THE worst time in the year. I'm starting my new semester today with two very reading-intensive classes, the unofficial class where I write my dissertation (senior thesis). I'm representing my school at two international Model United Nations conferences within the next five weeks and still have to prep for those. And naturally, my social life decided to blossom this semester. Funny how that works.

Anyway, the last thing I want on my mind is graduate school decisions. It just takes up too much time, takes away too much focus and generally makes me a cranky person. I believe my flat can attest to that when in a span of less than 15 minutes I managed to insult all five of them.

So what am I doing? I'm throwing myself into my reading. I may be the weirdest person in the world to throw myself into readings about genocide, mass killings and oral history along with dissertation readings on Slovakia but it helps. It honestly does.

For those of you working, throw yourself into a project. For those with time off: throw yourself into SOMETHING. And for us still in academia - throw ourselves into that. It helps. Trust me. The first half hour of reading is hard but then your focus returns.

Don't worry everyone! We can do this!


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