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Introduction: 10 Important Facts About The St Andrews Lynx

St Andrews Lynx


1. My blog and general online persona is named after a very famous Golf Course in Scotland. Almost.

2. I am Scottish. In my role as blogger, traveller and cultural ambassador you are welcome to ask me anything about Scotland. Absolutely anything you wish. From the authenticity of Groundskeeper Wullie's accent to the most appropriate insults for a Glaswegian priest, I'm able to help.

3. You know those people who were absolutely rubbish at high school Chemistry, couldn't understand any of it? That wasn't me.

4. My family is quite academic-y, so I always assumed I wouldn't stop my education at an undergraduate degree. However, it wasn't until I spent a year over in the USA as a pharma intern that I knew I wanted to do a Chemistry PhD.

5. Whilst I was over in the Philadelphia area I discovered ballroom dancing and competitive DanceSport. Up until that point I had done long-distance running, cycling and hiking, so this new hobby was quite a surprise to family & friends. And to myself. Especially since I picked it up quite well.

6. I've lived independently in Edinburgh, Philadelphia, Basel and London. I'm hoping to add many more cities to that list.

7. I'm one of those typical introverted nerdy scientists. In December 2012 I officially decided that Nightclubs Are Too Noisy and my idea of "good night" involves hot chocolate and going to sleep at 10pm.

8. "Science is Interesting...and if you don't agree you can f*ck off." ~Richard Dawkins

9. I can drink double espressos like they're water.

10. I've had dreadlocks for 5 years and counting. They've reached my waist. Their presence on a chemist often confuses other scientists...but at least I've not set them on fire.


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I love number 10! 


Also, have to say that I love that you're Scottish in general. I spent a week in Hamilton/Glasgow/Edinburgh in November and loved it. The people are so incredibly friendly (seriously - haven't met a rude Scot yet) and it's just gorgeous.


So...question for you. Do people commute from Edinburgh to St Andrews (I know it's about an hour by train) or do people really just hang out in Fife?

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So...question for you. Do people commute from Edinburgh to St Andrews (I know it's about an hour by train) or do people really just hang out in Fife?


Not usually from as far away as Edinburgh. Dundee and Kirkcaldy are two cities slightly nearer that people often commute from to get to St Andrews. Commuting to St Andrews by train is a bit tricky because the nearest train station is in Leuchars...6 miles away! So you'd have to switch to a bus to get into town proper.

Student housing in St Andrews is expensive and hard to find. You also might prefer living in somewhere a little more metropolitan...

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