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Misery Loves Company



I would take some small comfort in that platitude were it not for the fact that my current misery feels more like my own personal Dantean jacuzzi while everyone else is off swimming in the bigger, more mature lake of liquid fire.

Basically a roundabout way of saying that while all the lit folks are huddled together experiencing the highs and lows of acceptances and rejections trickling in from the titans of graduate school, I'm feeling very much like that old man stranded on Calypso's island: counting the waves with 10 long years to go...

I mean not only do I have to wait until April to hear back from schools but I don't even know anyone else that applied to the same schools, so this suffering is a lonely kind of suffering. The anxiety that one feels that is mirrored in a friend (however anonymous) becomes distinctly innocuous, a collegial bonding, something of a joy.

So really, I feel like I'm missing out. But perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself. I can put myself through that torture in 2 years time.


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