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The Fez is Live!



blog-0263350001360302565.jpegHi All,

Hey now! I'm a blogger.

My original thought about blogging was to cut through the B.S. I find in the forums and give a practical, unvarnished view of the way I think stuff really works.

Like - if you have to get a LOR from a guy who works on the loading dock with you - you're probably not going to impress the ad comm. And if you got 130Q on your GRE you aren't getting into Northwestern's Econ PhD program.

I am one of those math/econ types who didn't get enough touchy-feely training as an undergrad - but there's enough of that cheerleader stuff in the forums to balance out my curmudgeony take.

Who is The Fez? I just finished my first semester in a PhD program where I plan to do behavioral econ stuff so I will probably begin with some blogs about the admissions process and my first year experience. BTW, I am also an old guy - older than dirt - though you would never know it because The Fez is so hip. But that will probably inform my view of the world of grad school.

TTFN...Fez Out.

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I thought you were dead. Your sarcasm and wit were absent amoung the forum for so long. Glad to see you're alive and kickin!

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