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And the Waiting Begins



My application for the University of Toronto is 100% completed. My letters of recommendation have been sent in by my recommenders, and all my documents have arrived at the university. I'll be spending the next week and my entire reading week break wondering if I got in, despite the fact that a response probably won't be in my inbox when I get back on the 23rd.

My City University application is going to take a little longer to complete. I gave my recommenders until April to finish the letters for there for me. One said she'll have it finished next week, the other probably won't until April like I asked. I wish I had asked for him to complete it sooner, because my acceptance there (and decision to attend) is going to be something I'll really have to think through. I basically applied on a whim and because it was free. I would really like to attend, of course, but financially it may not be feasible.

I guess I'll figure it all out when the time comes. Until then I wait impatiently, and start mentally preparing myself for either a) moving, or B) rejection (and figuring out a backup plan).


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