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Now that the Dust has Settled...



blog-0969513001362153281.pngBack again after a fairly long absence! :)

And gentlefolk, it's finally March. I know for my discipline (history), programs are probably about half-way done returning decisions. I personally applied to ten schools and actually heard from the last of them on Monday. I'm extremely relieved to be done with the waiting game, and am extremely happy with how everything turned out (despite getting rejected from six programs - heh!).

As you might know from my last update, UNC Chapel Hill accepted me all the way back on January 31st. Part of the reason I didn't want to post another entry until now, in fact, is because I got so much news during the first half of February. And since most of it was good news, I didn't feel like it would be kind to post an update with so much (probably gag-worthy) excitement when so many folks were still waiting to hear back.

...Now that people are beginning to enter their decision processes, though, I thought I would share a bit about mine! :)

I was able to eliminate two of the schools that accepted me right off the bat: one due to poor fit and the other because of ranking/some slightly rude POIs. In the end it came down to CUNY and UNC. They're both excellent fits for me - the faculty is just incredible at both programs. As much as I would love (seriously, love!) to live in NYC, though, the cost of living was a big factor in my decision. Of course, the rankings of the schools are quite different (#10 at UNC vs. #27ish at CUNY for European History), and the prestige/external funding opportunities will be very important to me.

I gave myself about a week and a half to really mull it over (and wait for rejections from other programs - ha!), fearing that I might have formed an unreasonable attachment to UNC because they gave me my first acceptance. Tallying up the pros and cons, though, I'm completely confident that UNC is the right program for me...so on Saturday I went ahead and formally accepted their offer! :D I'm all set to go out to campus for the visiting weekend in March and absolutely couldn't be happier!

Now all I need to do is finish my thesis and complete my coursework, so I can actually - you know - *graduate* and attend my new program in the fall. That's proving easier said than done, but spring break is just a week away at my current school, so the finish line is in sight!

As you all continue the horrible wait and make your decisions, I wish you all the luck and happiness I've been lucky enough to experience the last few weeks! :) Feel free to comment and share your hopes, anxieties, decisions...whatever you like!


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Missed you!!!!!!! I am truly happy you are going to UNC!!!! Congrats!!!!! 


I applied to 5 schools, when the first two rejected me but the third one accepted me, then I know it was the place for me. School #4 is a top ten school but in NYC and, unlike you, do not want to live there. I already live in a big city, I do not want another one. I know, it is NYC! Anyway, they also rejected me ;( School #5, however, did not say anything yet but I have already accepted my sole offer: excellent funding, excellent ft, and lovely place to live.


How do you know those specific rankings???? 

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Thanks, guys!  I'm beyond excited. :)


@ Andean Pat: I cited the rankings from the most recent US News list I could fine...came upon it through a Google search of "phd program rankings."  Hope that helps!

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Congratulations on your admits! Glad to hear you are finally out of this stressful admissions process.


I am still in "Decision Season". I applied to 7 schools, was admitted to two and have yet to hear about the other five. Hopefully, by the end of March I will have the remaining responses and take my final decision.


Best of luck finishing your MA thesis!

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Hi, all. This is my first time posting. I will be applying toward the end of this year (In Comp. Lit. with a certificate in Medieval Studies). I was only planning on applying to three schools. Is applying to 5-10 really necessary? What is recommended on the average?

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