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Still Waiting



Just a quick entry, as I am in the midst of studying for my last exam and writing the final paper of my undergraduate degree.

I still haven't heard from the University of Toronto, my application has been under review since February 15th. I think a fair amount of people on this forum would have emailed them demanding a response by this point, but all applications were only due 6 days ago. I personally am leaning towards believing that I've been rejected by the program; the academic side of my application was less than stellar and I've come to believe more weight is placed on that part over the individual's resume, letters of recommendation, and statement of interest.

Part of me thinks that I am a maybe, if they don't fill up the school with individuals who are better suited for their requirements - a last choice, if you will, but I don't even know if I've managed to impress them that much. Maybe they're waiting for my final grades to come in, but to me I'd rather get the money back from how much it is going to cost to send the copy of my transcripts over, especially since I am so convinced I do not fit their standards. Thankfully it's not so much a blow to my self esteem as it is confirmation that heading to England next year is the right choice; I'm merely waiting for official confirmation.

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Hello again! I'm very sorry that you have not heard from them yet. :( I have heard, however, that anyone who was outright rejected heard right away. They also seem to be receptive to students wondering about their status (and there does seem to be a fair amount of them) judging from the chat transcripts I've been seeing during which they tell them to contact them using the main admissions e-mail. Good luck!

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