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I Was Never Really In Anyway



Anyone who has seen my most recent post on the forum knows that I did not meet what I thought my conditional acceptance average requirement was. After speaking with someone on admissions and going over my acceptance again at 3am I realized I was never going to go to City University.

For some reason I had placed the idea that the B+ was only for fourth year in my head. It's not. I needed a B+ average over the course of my entire degree to meet the condition. This is the thing that prevented me from applying to universities in Canada; the high GPA requirement. I applied to schools in England in hopes of bypassing this and I thought I had after receiving an acceptance letter from City University London a mere 3 weeks after I had applied. It was even before my letters of recommendation were in.

Alas, I was wrong. Unless, I get some amazing exceptional email about how they want me anyway, despite my shortcomings, I am not going to London in the Fall. I will probably not even be going to grad school unless I finally hear back from University of Toronto. But, like I said, I am in the sub-3.00 GPA group; acceptances are few and far between (so I've heard). I have no desire to continue desperately take courses at the University where I've done my undergrad, and I've already taken the majority of the Psychology courses offered and I don't really have the perquisites to take things in different topics. Maybe it's not a good idea to be making such a bold statement right now about my future due to how low this had made me feel, but the way I feel at this moment is that I am never going to apply for my Master's again nor am I ever going to get a Master's degree.


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Look, I may be out of line here, but maybe you should think out of the box at this point. Why don't you consider The Austin Center for Design? Jon Kolko is amazing and they are doing some really cutting edge stuff. Here is their website: http://www.ac4d.com/

If your dad could swing their 1-year program you'd have the opportunity to build an excellent portfolio of projects which might mitigate your GPA issues, and you'd be able to determine if you're heading in the right direction without any further "overextension." They are a for profit institution so they might be more flexible in their admissions, but I really don't know. It's worth a look.

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It seems intriguing but I can easily see a number of reasons why that school is not right for me. I definitely can't swing a $12000 certificate program in Austin for a year and then go ahead with a Master's program. I also have no prior experience, no portfolio to enter into the application process. They also don't sponsor VISAs, and I would need one to be able to go as I am not American. I also can't really tell based on the website if I would in fact get the type of training I desire. 


To add to that my dad hates Americans and America in general, he wouldn't support me going to a country that he's been encouraging me to look into work at, so why would he support me going to one he detests? Especially since it's in Texas, and he very much believes in the negative stereotypes of that state. I also have no desire to move to Texas myself. If it were something here in Ontario I might consider it more closely.

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I just wanted to add a note to say that I tried Canadian schools twice and was rejected mostly because of my low GPA... It's one of the main reasons why left academia and went into the professional world! I feel your pain.

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If your GPA is too low you have no choice but to go back to school and try to raise it. Some schools only look at the GPA of your last 2 years. Find out what these schools are and if you really want to go to grad school, take 1 year of classes and work the hardest you possibly can and make sure you get great grades, like an A- average or an A in your extra year. With your new GPA of a high B+ or A- in the last 2 yrs, you will have much better chances of getting accepted next time around.  

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Jenste, I realize that is my only option if I want to go to grad school, so I am exploring other options instead. The field I want to enter has no hard and fast rules about what credentials you must possess thankfully. I don't have the desire to do more undergraduate work at the moment, although my mind may change after a year off if I end up with two rejections. Presently I have one conditional acceptance that I do not meet the conditions of (the school said they would reevaluate my application before a decision is made if I did not, so fingers crossed for that) and a school I haven't heard anything from. 

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Sympathy - I know what it feels like to have decisions and responses drawn out over long periods of time, it can be incredibly frustrating. 


I hope the re-evaluation goes in your favour, good luck with the Plan Bs if it doesn't.

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Thanks so much for all the support, empathy and sympathy everyone. My grades were official as of today and will be sent out this week. Once I know what is going on I will definitely be updating my blog, until I am impatiently waiting.

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I totally understand where you are coming from. I completed my undergrad years ago and chose to focus on other things rather than my gpa. I was content to graduate with a B- and didn't think twice about it. Fast forward a decade or so and that careless attitude towards school has come back to haunt me countless times. One thing I realized is that it is much easier to erase a criminal record than it is to erase a bad academic year (or 3).

I hope you get in. If you don't, take some time to re-evaluate your options. Perhaps taking time away from school will help you think and also stop you from burning out. If academia is where you are supposed to be, you will get there. Maybe not right away, but making the right decisions in the next few years will certainly help. Also, it is too bad that your dad's prejudice against our American neighbours is closing doors for you. Perhaps that is something you need to think about as well.

All the best!

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Yeah, once your GPA is bad every new good grade becomes worth less and less which is incredibly frustrating. I wish I had known this from the get go rather than at the last year because I would have been a bit more careful with the classes I took that I knew I wasn't going to do well in, but wanted to take anyway.


I'm already aware that I need to think about what to do next. I do not want to be an academic already, the Master's program I am going into would be vocational over academically inclined. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find other options for what I could do to prepare careerwise other than private online training, which I am unsure if it would actually be useful or not. I'll need to look deeper if I do not get in.

Also, it's not really my father's prejudices limiting me, it is the high cost of education and living in the US. I can't afford to live there, and probably won't ever be able to thanks to health problems (which cause me no problems here in Canada, but would be a serious problem in a place without public healthcare).

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