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The Answer is Always Phosphorylation



Hey there kittens,

Recently I've been granted a blog on this here wonderful site and I thought a quick intro post was in order. While many of these blogs are documentations of personal experiences during the harrowing graduate school application process, I'm hoping to focus more on general topics that affect many of us who have been wearing down our F5 keys to nubs. I'd like to hash out the nuances of talking to other grad applicants (both in terms of peers and anonymous members of online communities, such as GradCafe), methods for dealing with anxiety, and the problems facing graduate students today like funding, funding, and funding.

For a little background on why I'm joining the application fray: I'm a little molecular/cellular biology kid. I graduated from one of those scary top 5 college a few years back, then spent the last 2 years as a lab tech. Most of my experience is in cardiomyocyte differentiation techniques/cell cycling, and I also have worked on neuronal regeneration and microbial antibiotic resistance. For apps, I've been looking at a lot of labs working on heart regeneration as well as dsDNA repair. My ultimate goal: become the sassy and wise professor I've always imagined my old self to be, and I know I can't get to that point without that pretty PhD.

Any queries about topics you all would like to address or if I'm ever missing a crucial perspective, please don't hesitate to comment. I'd love to know how you all feel about this crazy experience we all get to share!


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Molecular and Cellular Biology buddies!


Hello from the other side of the applications: Graduate School! I look forward to hearing about your experiences and your stresses; I'm sure they'll be similar to mine from last year. I'm excited to see you posting!

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