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Finding Things to Do to Pass the Time



I'm lucky that I have a job to keep me busy throughout the week. I'm already in the midst of assessments and preparing for parent-teacher conferences.

On my down time and weekends, however, I find myself compulsively checking my email and these forums. I know March will be here soon enough, but right now, it seems so far away.

I've recently started pushing myself to go to the gym on a consistent basis in order to de-stress and get in shape. When I don't get around to going to the gym, I watch random shows on Netflix.

I've also been crocheting here and there. I have so much yarn in these plastic bins....my goal is to start using it up.

Here are some of my various projects:


This beanie was originally meant for my boyfriend's sister's baby (who is due to come in about a month, give or take) but it was too small. I put it on my cat.


A (bigger) beanie and baby booties.


These are shark booties I made for her baby.


This was a shark baby blanket/pouch thing....her mom asked me to make one for the baby shower, as it was shark themed. (my boyfriend's sister really likes sharks).


This is it in use at the baby shower....

Sometimes I wish I could make a living off crocheting....


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Funny enough, I've also been crocheting to pass the time and use some of my nervous twitchy energy. Better to be productive and creative rather than spend the day refreshing my email! 

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