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Yard Work? No Thanks




I see my fellow bloggers have taken the time to update recently. Perhaps I’m a bit narcissistic but I’d feel better if I had another of my TARDIS pictures in the blog listings.

(This is an interesting phenomenon. A lot like when your neighbor mows his law and you feel compelled to mow yours.)

So here I am – updating: My grass isn’t any greener than yours.

I have officially started my final semester of my undergrad education. For the first time in my college experience I feel confident in my abilities to contribute to the world/knowledge base. I have self-efficacy in academia. I take the classroom concepts with me when I leave campus. I can be responsible for my own education.

But in sneaks the doubts.

Not your run-of-the-mill angsty, “I’m not good enough - nobody wants me” type of doubt. To hell with that – I’m confident in myself. Instead I have this very different “academic rubber-necking” type of doubt. I think to myself, “anthropology is fascinating, I love physics, biology makes soooo much sense… I could do that. Why not philosophy?”

I’m falling in love with the concepts on the other side of the fence. But I can still cultivate my interest in Rhetoric. Hell, part of what interested me in Rhetoric to start with was the inter-disciplinary (is it cool if I say “generalist”) approach the scholars are allowed to take. I can keep my little Rhetoric lawn at home but lay out a paper proposal that looks oddly like a picnic blanket on the lush pasture of cultural psychology.

Grass metaphors? It’s winter in Michigan… I must miss my lawn.

(This update is brought to you by: Lucida Sans Unicode "​when you want a font named after your Grandmother's bridge partner")


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