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I Can Kinda Sorta Maybe Relax Now! Also, I Am 100% Done With This Shit



All my apps are submitted and all my LORs got in. It turns out one of my writers was sick with the flu and he got log jammed with early semester work.

Now just comes waiting for the next few months to hear back. However, working as a teacher, I have found that time passes by so quickly. In the classroom, anyway.

In other news, a meeting today solidified my decision of wanting to leave my district. There's been many charters opening up in our district, and our enrollment been declining. Our district's solution? Change our elementary schools to K-8.

If one of the benefits for having a K-8 is stronger teacher-student relationships, what does that matter if teachers leave? Our district has terrible teacher attrition rates, and a K-8 isn't necessarily going to solve that. People are leaving our district because it sucks. Charter schools are selling an idea - we'll get your kids to college! Our schools? Um, yeah, nothing close to that. My district's solution isn't really addressing the larger issues.

Anyway, this meeting was one guy talking for 20 minutes straight about why we should build a K-8 but having no next steps. Then he opened it up to people and was like, "Well, we're getting together because we want to know your thoughts on it." His answer to everything was "well, there's no real answer to that" or "well, that's an interesting question." Then, he ended it with, "well, I'm not really sure of the next steps, but, next week is the board meeting and I urge you all to get a proposal in."


I'm so fed up with the ineffective leadership. There's so much talk but no vision or action. I want to be somewhere where people actually know what they're doing, or at least have a good idea of how to get where they want to be. I want to feel like I'm valued and that I'm actually making a difference. My district makes me feel completely frustrated.

Chances are I'm getting pink slipped again anyway, so why bother going through the same crap I've been through the last couple of years? Even if I do get called back, I'll most likely end up starting somewhere new again...this is, again, my 4th school in 3 years. (My district is notorious for sending out a ridiculous amount of pink slips each year, and then hiring teachers back and then some. Essentially, spending tremendous amounts of money on paper and in hiring processes.)

So whether it's going to grad school or working at a different district - who knows. But I'm done here. I just can't with this anymore.

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Hey, good luck! I have a similar story. Even though I miss being with kids, there are a lot of positives to grad school (and new challenges)! :)

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