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Feeling Depressed and Unmotivated



I guess this is just what comes with the whole process of grad school applications.

I'm doing my best to stay positive but I am constantly filled with doubt about how I really measure up to other applicants.

I wonder why I even put myself through this in the first place and how all the money I spent could have been put to something else.

Sometimes I think maybe this is just a defense mechanism. If I have low expectations, I won't be disappointed if I'm rejected, and will be extremely happy if I'm accepted.

I wish I could just forget about all this for a while and not remember until the admin decisions actually come out.


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Rest assured that you are not the only one who feels that way.  The best way I have found to deal with it is to not compare yourself with others.  Everyone is from different situations with different backgrounds and experiences.  What is important is that you focus on you.  What makes you different?  There are wonderful things about you, that no other applicant can provide.  


"It's not who we think we are that holds us back, it's who we think we're not."

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Consider it a good investment that you spent the money and increasing your chances.


I definitely had my doubts and I still kick myself in the butt when I can't get an application in on time. These are good mistakes that are worth making.


Besides every year there is a different application pool; you might stand out depending on your peer's performance.


I just roll with the punches and if I don't get into grad school this year; I've considered alternatives to keep myself busy in the fall.


Most importantly, DON'T GIVE UP. If you do get rejection letters, you'd rather know that you tried to get into the school than didn't. SO KICK SOME Aaaaaaapplications outta the way and be at peace!!loll

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Yeah I feel the same way too! Worried, depressed, constantly checking the result page, emails and end up making myself feel even worse... This process is just as stressful as the application preparation.. I guess it's natural to many of us to feel like this. :) And stressing myself out does not really effect the admission committee's decisions .. 

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Well, think of it this way: you had no choice in applying to these schools and spending this money because it is an investment, and of course you're expected to apply to grad school to continue you're education because it's the smart thing to do.

In case you do get in somewhere, then: okay, good job, continue.

In case you don't: too bad, life's a b*atch, try again next time but meanwhile have a productive and improve your chances of getting in again next cycle.

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This too shall pass.

It most certainly is a mechanism.

Doubt is a strange thing. Just enough makes you a good skeptic - too much and you're "difficult". Just enough self-doubt is realistic and motivating - too much and you're paralyzed with it.

I found that keeping a journal and writing down all my doubts as soon as they arose really helped me. Even simple stuff - like "I bet this coffee gal won't laugh at my joke."


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Many feel the way that you do now...but there is something to be said for those that feel the doubt but TRY and those who allow their self doubt to cause them not to try.

If you're not nervous about what you're doing, that's a bad thing. I encourage you to journal or tune into things that you know relax you.

I am doing a LOT of that myself because I am struggling with similar things that you are also struggling with...but through the process of my nervousness, I've long since learned that being nervous but knowing you have the potential is what will keep you in the game.  You may not always get what you want but just KNOWING that you have good potential and ability for something....you'll get what you want, just on a different path than what you anticipated.

You got this! :-)

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Its gonna be a long and a very difficult time waiting to hear from their end.

And all the while, we can only contemplate...


Hang on in there, me hanging too by a thread 

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The more I speak with current professors that have been involved in admissions committees, the less I worry about comparing myself to my peers. It seems as though the choices are sometimes whimsical and the things about ourselves that we lack confidence in end up not meaning anything at all. I cross my fingers that the people reviewing your applications, as well as mine, are able to see past grades and GRE scores and, instead, find something unique and intriguing in your personal statements and letters of recommendations. Sometimes our potential for success isn't found in the data we can easily compare with others. Good luck and I hope you hear positive news soon!

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Your post sounds a lot like how I have been feeling lately. The thing is you need to focus on yourself therefore at the same time going through applications is really a great deal of efforts, persistence and money. I just had my phone interview for my top choice university (UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN). With two people in the line that put me on speakerphone it was inorganic for me and just weird. Hang in there and train your mind to see the good in EVERYTHING!

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You spoke my mind. Hang in there! We'll hear back soon. :)

Is it possible to be informed about the outcome of our applications sooner than the expected date? ( The one mentioned in the universities' official site)

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