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Preparing for Recruitment Weekend

Monochrome Spring


It's finally here. I leave for recruitment weekend at my future home (top choice program!) in only four days. I'm not nervous, per se, but I am definitely over-preparing. I re-read all of the emails between me and my future PI, the itinerary from the department, the research section for each interviewer's webpage, and my application materials. I've also started compiling a list of questions to ask during my one-on-one meetings and the group dinners.

I've already been accepted, since I won a college fellowship after my recruitment invite was extended, so I'm not worried about that aspect, but this weekend is still important. Most of the other interviewees haven't been accepted yet, and we're all going to be fighting for the departmental fellowships whose recipients will be decided after we leave. And of course, we're all trying to make a good impression on our future departmental faculty, make strong connections for collaboration, and figure out if this really is the right place for us to call home for another five to six years.

I plan on writing a new blog post each day of my recruitment weekend. I arrive on Thursday and leave on Sunday, so be prepared to hear all about this wild ride.

Here's a breakdown of my itinerary:

Thursday: Plane. Meet with PI for dinner.

Friday: Breakfast with committee members. Overview of the department facilities. Applicant presentations of research experience and interests. Individual faculty meetings with six different faculty, including my PI., for thirty minutes each. Social event with all current students, postdocs, researchers, and faculty. Meet with PI for dinner.

Saturday: Free time to see the area or have additional faculty meetings. Lunch with committee members. Tour of the city with current students. Hockey game. Dinner and social activities with current students.

Sunday: Leave back home.


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Good luck! I'm in the same situation: won a graduate school fellowship and am already accepted, but must still attend visiting weekend.  I'm not stressed like I would have been otherwise, but I'm still a bit apprehensive.  You want to make a good impression either way!

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@sarab - Thank you! I hope all is going well with your applications, as well.


@gellert - Congratulations! I hope your recruitment weekend goes well. I'm sure you'll make a great impression if you've already shown them that you're worth a fellowship. Keep us updated!

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