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Recruitment Weekend - Day 1

Monochrome Spring


Today was great. I woke up at the equivalent of 3:30AM in my timezone and headed out with a group of other applicants from the department. We got really fancy portfolios with printouts of each professor's research, our personalized itineraries, and some promotional magazines. Then, we had an informational session, during which we got an overview of the departments housed by the larger department we were interviewing in.

After that, we had a group meeting with the director to ask questions, and then went on to five one-on-one interviews with faculty. The faculty interviews were pretty good. Some were so interesting that I wanted more time. And others, I got more nervous and was excited to move on to the next one, though I wouldn't call any of them bad.

After the interviews, we went to two different poster sessions, during which the director handed me my official letter of acceptance (yay!). Then, I got to talk more with my future PI and the other applicants for his lab over dinner.

Now, I'm working in the hotel lobby, reading fervently through papers for meetings on two different projects next week back at my undergraduate university. I'm motivated now more than ever to get my research going forward and strong.

(Also, Michigan is really cold.)


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@ArtsyCoffeeLover, sorry for taking so long to reply. Recruitment day is an interview weekend. But it's for students who are already accepted to the program, who the program is trying to recruit.

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