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Big next two weeks



Hello all,

It's been a long while since I've blogged; I've been slacking. It's been an interesting couple of weeks. In late January I got accepted to UC Davis, which was one of my top choices!!! I'll be visiting later this month. I was really worried about my GPA, which killed my application last time. Well... small sigh of relief.

I'm thinking about questions to ask on my visit... but in reality the person is pretty well known in my field and is very comfortable having her research and students speak to what type of advisor she is. I'm most worried about summer funding; do you guys think I should bring it up before I visit or should I wait for a face to face discussion about it. Summer funding for at least the first two years (until I can put together RA funding) would go a long way to ease my mind.

I also decided to remove 2 applications; UMD and USC. I don't want to Live in LA and UMD is also not place I want to live. Those are fairly competitive programs, so hopefully it gives them a bit less work (if I was even being considered). I'm not one to collect acceptances/rejections, though it is a bit unnerving that I found out very quickly one place and haven't heard anything for weeks.

I think the next two weeks are going to be very big for Earth Science applicants; More and more acceptances/interviews are showing up on the results search. I haven't seen an MIT/WHOI one yet... so i'm still holding hope. I saw a Master's student get accepted into Hawaii... so I'm guessing I wasn't accepted into their PhD Program.

Ok... now back to working on the thesis.... thanks for reading!


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