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Time Flies When You're in Grad School



It has been a long time since I've even come onto the grad café. Moving to London and starting grad school has really taken any free time I used to have to just surf the web and engulfed it, but I am incredibly happy about that.

First term has finished and I am now progressing into my second round of courses before I hit the heavy 4 months of dissertation writing that is to come in the spring. I'm more excited about finally getting to do some research but also nervous about the prospect of finding a supervisor, and actually working on it all.

Something which has been on my mind lately is potentially moving on to doing a Ph.D. after this degree. Ideally I would be able to start as soon as I finished my Master's, but I don't think my first term has prepared me enough to be able to send in the applications for the March 14th deadline. I need more time to think, time to get a grasp on if I actually want to move away from industry and into academia, and to ensure my grades are stellar so I can get funding.

Plus I've been in postsecondary education for nearly 5 years now. Most people would agree that it is time for a break (maybe I'm wrong, but I think I deserve one . . . not sure if starting full-time work would really be considered a break though).


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Personally, I took this year off in between undergrad and grad school to work and make sure I really wanted a PhD. I'll be honest, it isn't much of a break. It is like torture. I cannot wait to get back into academia (thankfully, I've been accepted into one of my top choice programs). Even though academia is a different kind of work, it is much more enjoyable for me than what I currently do or anything I have ever done outside of school. I'd still advise to take some time off if you're at all unsure, just prepare yourself for the harsh reality that "normal life" is not as much of a break as it seems.


Good luck with whatever you choose to do!

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I took 5 years "off" to work as a full-time researcher between undergrad and my PhD program.  While I wouldn't recommend such an extended break for everyone, I certainly think there is great value in getting real-world experience before entering a PhD program.  The faculty members I interviewed with for the PhD program kept commenting on how "impressive" and "extensive" my skills and experience were, and I was nominated for additional funding because of it.  Definitely worth it to me!

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Hi, good to know that you have been planning ahead. I see your determination to push and achieve your real goal after studying. I think , it depends  on how would you manage your time while studying or even after you have finished your degree. I think, what is relevant most here is the opportunity that comes.  My advice is to continue embracing the positive offers that is in front of you. After all, you can even enjoy while working and even relax  especially if you are earning already. Just grab an opportunity along the way. In case you need a guidance of what to do after finishing your degree and the changes you have to deal with, you may read this.  Good Luck!

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