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I Had the Most Amazing Dream



I dreamt that I was checking my email and lo and behold - AN ACCEPTANCE FROM HGSE.

I was insanely happy and started shrieking and dancing in disbelief.

Then I woke up.

Is it March yet?


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Yup. I've had those dreams too. But it's even worse in real life... Yesterday I got an email from one of my schools and the subject was "scholarship information" and I jumped in the air, thinking I'd been accepted, before opening it and realizing it was just a generic reminder to all applicants that the school has scholarships we can apply to.

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I am a skeptic when it comes to dreams being any kind of prophecy. BUT, I did have a dream about being accepted to my top choice program the night before I was emailed about being placed on the wait list. Let's hope your dream is prophetic =)

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