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Got my first rejection letter....



I know for sure now that I won't be attending Stanford's Learning, Design, and Technology program.

I can't say I'm too shocked or hurt. I knew it was a long shot, and truth be told, my heart wasn't that set on the program.

I am really hoping for HGSE.

Last night I actually had a dream that I checked my email and saw the rejection email from Stanford. Today that's exactly what happened.

A few weeks ago I had a dream that I received an acceptance email from HGSE. What's crazy is that my boyfriend also had a similar dream.

I know today was probably just a coincidence but I'm really, really hoping my dreams are a glimpse into the future.

But, you know, I'm also being real.

Regardless of the outcome, I know I'm ready for a change and will be starting my own adventure, grad school or not.


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It really is a crapshoot. I hope everything works out and you wind up in polar-vortex Cambridge though. If so, look at living at the Cronkite Center - very close to the Ed school, competitive rent, and a solid community that forms.

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In contrast, I had a dream that I was accepted in my preferred school, But the following day I was rejected by email:))

Don't trust dreams, they're just dreams:(

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i was rejected from Erasmus Mundus master's program. ugh..it's a tough competition out there.... 

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Ha ha! I dreamed I was waitlisted by Wash U and that came true. My dad dreamed I was admitted to Duke and that came true too. I may have forgotten about dreams that didn't come true, expected those results through some subconscious reasoning, or it was plain coincidence.

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