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^ I noticed that too, but I would not consider the type unfortunate because it made me laugh to no end. 


By far my favorite blog post from you! Congratzzz!

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What are you going to do with the cats tho?

Hahahah. My mom is super attached to my cat so there's a possibility she might watch him for a year.

He's a bit older and I worry about how the move will affect him. I'd really like to take him but I don't want him to stress out.

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With your screename by the title of this post, I read "So I Finally Told Your Mom". Lol.


Congratulations!! I hope you love Harvard! :D


Also, your family seems awesome! :)

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This is the cutest video, your mom's reaction is priceless! I'm glad you posted it. Congratulations and have fun in Boston.

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